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Location:Kansas, USA
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Joined DWG:2003 sometime?
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Persuasion
Favorite that isn't P&P:Pride & Prejudice
Favorite JA adaptation:S&S2 (1995)

I have been a fan of Austen's novels for years and have been haunting this website since high school. In fact, it is what my old homeroom teacher remembers most about me: during homeroom I would sit at her computer and just read and read and read. I first began reading Austen when I was twelve, when a friend recommended Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility to me. I devoured them both and became instantly addicted to all things Austen.

I taught English overseas for five years, before returning to the US. I still plan to educate for a living, though right now I work as a paraeducator.

I was born in North Carolina, raised in West Virginia, and currently live in Kansas with my fiance and his mother.

I like kimchi, movies, music, MST3K, opera, children's books, and cross-stitching.

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Author of:

The Fourth Sister Written by Nerin. Dot In this sequel to The Bennet Son, Kitty Bennet travels to Pemberley to continue her friendship with Georgiana Darcy. Before long, Kitty is forced to rethink many of her opinions and prejudices especially those regarding young men. ~P&P~ Last update 01/11/2009 (Epi)

Taking Leave Written by Nerin. Dot Marianne prepares for Willoughby's visit to Barton Cottage, but all does not transpire as she had hoped. Missing Scene. ~S&S~ Last update 06/16/2008 (Epi)

The Bennet Son Written by Nerin. Dot The Bennets' son ensures that Longbourn will remain in the family, but Johnathon's distaste towards marriage worries his father. ~P&P~ Last update 03/31/2008 (Epi)

ESL Written by Nerin. When Elissa and Janelle Johnson take teaching jobs at Kids Institute Kwangpo in South Korea, among their new acquaintances are Mark, a friendly history buff, and Derek, the cold and arrogant head teacher. ~P&P~ Last update 09/12/2009 (Fant)

A Matter of Trust Written by Nerin. Dot Edmund Bertram awakens to his feelings for Fanny Price, but Fanny is afraid to trust him with her heart. ~MP~ Last update 02/20/2013 (Epi)

Of Masks and Men Written by Nerin. Dot Strange things are happening in Hertfordshire. Thieves, spies, kidnappings, and rumors of a masked man... ~P&P~ Last update 04/17/2013 (Fant)

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