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Tea Room

For the discussion of all things Austen, and a great deal more. 

Sticky DWG is now on Facebook! (5 Posts)

Amy I.01/22/2012 04:10PM

Sticky New Tea Room Orientation **PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING** (46 Posts)

Crysty06/09/2008 04:23PM

Is there a Summer here?

Kathy05/24/2017 02:13PM

Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Emelyn05/21/2017 03:53AM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Sarah Waldock05/21/2017 08:18PM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Emelyn05/21/2017 11:19PM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Amy I.05/22/2017 02:32AM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Emelyn05/22/2017 04:14AM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Harvey S.05/23/2017 03:03PM

Re: Continuing Incomplete Stories...

Amy I.05/25/2017 03:38PM

looking for a story

sjh22205/20/2017 11:21AM

Perhaps - The Final Encounter

StephanieB05/20/2017 04:31PM

Re: Perhaps - The Final Encounter

sjh22205/20/2017 06:49PM

Tye and Georgie

BernadetteE05/15/2017 01:15AM

YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

Karentea05/15/2017 07:26PM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

BernadetteE05/15/2017 11:12PM

Option A... nfm

Karentea05/16/2017 02:11PM

Re: Option A... nfm

BernadetteE05/18/2017 12:25AM

The long story please...

Agnes Beatrix05/16/2017 07:55AM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

Nicki05/16/2017 07:00AM

Re: YAY!!! grinning smiley nfm

Brigid05/16/2017 02:11AM


Lucie05/11/2017 06:37PM

Re: titles

Jane L05/11/2017 06:58PM

Re: titles

LizzyS05/11/2017 06:55PM

Re: titles (link)

LizzyS05/11/2017 06:56PM

Re: titles (link)

Sarah Waldock05/11/2017 08:42PM

Re: titles (link)

Lucie05/12/2017 12:35AM

Looking For A Story

Mari M05/09/2017 06:21PM

Another site

Dorothee05/09/2017 05:58PM

Re: Another site

LizzyS05/09/2017 06:13PM

Re: Another site

Dorothee05/10/2017 06:30PM

Jan H ebooks?

Tasha05/08/2017 04:49PM

Re: Jan H ebooks?

Jeannine05/08/2017 09:37PM

Thank You, Thank you!

Tasha05/09/2017 09:38AM

There are hundreds of JAFF books on Kindle!

Jeannine05/09/2017 03:32PM

Re: There are hundreds of JAFF books on Kindle!

Agnes Beatrix05/15/2017 09:41PM

Peter Cushing...as Darcy

Anita N05/08/2017 03:53AM

Re: Peter Cushing...as Darcy

Harvey S.05/08/2017 03:23PM

Re: Peter Cushing...as Darcy

Sarah Waldock05/08/2017 07:05PM

Looking for a story

Christine05/05/2017 10:53PM

Re: Looking for a story

Brigid05/07/2017 01:27PM

That's it! Thanks! (nfm)

Christine05/07/2017 01:43PM

Yay! You're welcome! (nfm)

Brigid05/07/2017 08:43PM

Can I Claim For My Heart

AnneA04/28/2017 03:59PM

smiling smiley smiling smiley nfm

Karentea05/07/2017 03:16PM

Re: Can I Claim For My Heart

Dorothee04/28/2017 05:43PM

looking for a past story...

Geenza04/28/2017 03:22AM

Re: looking for a past story...

Nicki04/28/2017 07:13AM

Looking for Beta Reader

Alicia M04/24/2017 10:45PM

Epilogue Abbey

GabbyC (not logged in)04/23/2017 08:55PM

where O where is Poldark

Gloria L.04/23/2017 03:31PM

Re: where O where is Poldark

Sarah D.04/24/2017 05:41PM

Yes! Thank You! (nfm)

Gloria L.04/24/2017 08:21PM