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Location:Madison, Wis., USA
Joined DWG:Sometime in late '99
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Pride & Prejudice
Second favorite JA novel:Persuasion
Favorite JA adaptation:P&P2 (1995)
ANI Contributer:Yes

Happily married and the mother of two, I reside in south-central Wisconsin, the land of cows and cheese.

A writer by trade, I also have been writing for my own amusement for years, though I have no idea if I've ever written anything for anyone else's.

In addition to Jane Austen, my husband, and my son and daughter, my other loves include GK Chesterton, sewing, and photography.

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Author of:

Speak of the Devil Written by Kathy. Dot A friend of Darcy's and Bingley's arrives at Netherfield shortly after Bingley moves in, with the intention of talking the two gentlemen into coming back to London for some fun. ~P&P~ Last update 07/10/2000 (Epi)

A Dwiggie vs. Dwiggie Deathmatch Written by Kathy B. & Tabbi W. Dot Bombs, bears, and flying tortillas create havoc in the deathmatch between Kathy and Tabbi. ~Misc~ Last update 07/24/2000 (Fant)

Pride and Prejudice--In The Body! Written by Kathy. Dot One little typo in the chat room leads to the strangest characters popping up! ~P&P~ Last update 07/13/2000 (Fant)

Playing The Game Written by Kathy. Lady Cassandra Falkland is bored with London society and has been warned off of Henry Crawford, but when he sees her, her resemblance to Fanny Price draws them together. ~MP~ Last update 10/02/2000 (Epi)

Pride and Prejudice in Three Rings Written by Kathy. Amid the colorful sights and rank smells of the circus, Elizabeth and Darcy find love, laughter, and deep-fried cotton candy on sticks. ~P&P~ Last update 03/21/2005 (Fant)

Darcy and the Devil Written by Kathy. Dot While packing to visit his Aunt Catherine, Darcy is faced with a difficult dilemma. Help comes from a very unexpected source. ~P&P~ Last update 10/15/2004 (Fant)

Eros's Errors Written by Kathy. Dot Eros, offended as any in Meryton by Darcy's snobbish behavior, takes the opportunity to punish Darcy with unrequited love. ~P&P~ Last update 10/15/2004 (Fant)

Up the Down Escalator Written by Kathy. Elizabeth Bennet learns her boyfriend is cheating on her, she has a gift for a friend broken moments after she purchased it, then gets in a car accident with a drunk, all in one night. Perhaps the fact that another driver in the accident was William Darcy might help turn things around. ~P&P~ Last update 03/06/2002 (Fant)

Mr. Darcy Makes Amends Written by Kathy. Dot A simple mistake and Darcy finds he must undergo the Labors of Hercules to get back in his wife's good graces. ~P&P~ Last update 11/12/2008 (Epi)

The Rules of Estrangement Written by Kathy. Dot After several years of estrangement from her husband, Elizabeth returns to her family at Longbourn. When her husband shows up, as well, she'll find that keeping to the rules of estrangement are not as easy when you aren't estranged. ~P&P~ Last update 05/11/2008 (Epi)

The Many Lies of Mary Bennet Written by Kathy. Dot Mary Bennet has never quite been who she seemed. When she leaves home for London, and throws off her old appearances, she'll find that once you begin with a lie, it is not so easy to stop. ~P&P~ Last update 06/16/2004 (Epi)

The Twelve Days of Persuasion Written by Kathy. Dot With her family as unexpected houseguests and former flame Frederick Wentworth as her new neighbor, Anne Elliot is discouraged about the approaching Christmas holiday. But with 12 days to go, gifts begin arriving on her doorstep, inspiring hope that her true love has not forgotten her, after all. ~Per~ Last update 12/28/2008 (Fant)

To See the Rain Written by Kathy. Dot Memories haunt two women for two very different reasons. And love can make forgiving an unforgivable sin easier to bear and to understand. Last update 08/06/2000 (ANI)

You Were Mine Written by Kathy. Dot Last update 08/08/2000 (ANI)

Miss Bennet and the Frog Written by Kathy. Dot Elizabeth Bennet crosses paths with a frog one day in the woods. Finding a willing eardrum, she soon befriends the beast, sharing with it the tales of human Hertfordshire society. ~P&P~ Last update 08/29/2009 (Fant)

A Space Between Written by Kathy. Dot More than space stands between Elizabeth Bennet and the cosmopolitan, interstellar base owner Fitzwilliam Darcy after the two meet and sparks fly on Deimos Base. ~P&P~ Last update 03/05/2010 (Fant)

The Pot Plant Despot Written by Kathy. Dot Lady Catherine's authoritarian nature is explained. ~P&P~ Last update 04/01/2010 (Epi)

The Trouble With Lemons Written by Kathy. Dot Seven years into her marriage, Lydia Wickham learns what to do with the lemons in her life. ~P&P~ Last update 04/25/2010 (Epi)

Sense and Sensibility and Mr. Darcy and Sharks in Space Riding Motorcycles Plus There Is a Time Machine Written by Kathy. Dot The title says it all. ~P&P~ Last update 05/11/2010 (Fant)

Wandering in a Winter Wonderland Written by Kathy. Dot Car troubles strand Elizabeth Bennet in the middle of a blizzard on Christmas Eve, and her would-be savior is none other than Fitzwilliam Darcy, but her previous dislike may be more difficult to get through than the snow as they make their way home. ~P&P~ Last update 01/08/2011 (Fant)

Into the Shrubbery Written by Kathy. Dot Bingley and Jane walk away into the shrubbery when someone comes to visit at Longbourn. ~P&P~ Last update 01/27/2011 (Epi)

The True Adventures of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Time Traveler Written by Kathy. Dot When Darcy is given the chance to change the past he takes it, but time is more difficult to alter than it at first appears. Soon he enlists the help of someone with whom his future should have been -- and could be -- entwined. ~P&P~ Last update 06/02/2011 (Fant)

The Honeymooners Written by Kathy. Dot Elizabeth and William Darcy's children discover the true story of how they fell in love during a trip to Niagara Falls on another couple's honeymoon. ~P&P~ Last update 06/02/2011 (Fant)

Bedtime Stories Written by Kathy. Dot Catherine Tilney tells her children a very familiar fairy tale. ~NA~ Last update 05/29/2016 (Epi)

A Million Smiles Written by Kathy. Dot A story about a father and a son. ~P&P~ Last update 05/29/2016 (Epi)

Emma's New Year Written by Kathy. Dot Emma Woodhouse attends a party and finds an opportunity for love in the new year. ~Em~ Last update 05/29/2016 (Fant)

P&P TV Written by Kathy. Dot Austen's characters go on a tabloid talk show to solve their differences. ~P&P~ Last update 05/29/2016 (Fant)

Mother and Daughter Written by Kathy. Dot Elizabeth discusses Mr.Darcy's insult with her mother. ~P&P~ Last update 05/29/2016 (Epi)

Darcy's First Kiss Written by Kathy. Dot Fitzwilliam Darcy tries to press his luck for the first time. ~P&P~ Last update 12/10/2016 (Epi)

The Concert (A Short Story) Written by Kathy. Dot Wentworth and Anne run into each other at a college music recital. ~Per~ Last update 12/27/2016 (Fant)

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