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Joined DWG:At's 5th year anniversary
Favorite Jane Austen novel:Emma
Favorite that isn't P&P:Pride & Prejudice
Favorite JA adaptation:Emma2 (1996)
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Author of:

Elizabeth of Derbyshire Written by Tobe. Darcy sees an elegant young lady at his father's funeral, and gives chase. ~P&P~ Last update 11/25/2007 (Epi)

Cousins Written by Tobe. The younger daughter of Lady Catherine, Elizabeth de Bourgh, has a more intimate relationship with her cousin Darcy than anyone knows. ~P&P~ Last update 11/18/2013 (Epi)

Whisper of the Heart Written by Tobe. Dot Lady Anne does what she can to prevent her son from coming to an understanding with their neighbor and long time acquaintance Elizabeth Bennet. ~P&P~ Last update 08/10/2013 (Epi)

The Perfect Pies Written by Tobe. On a business trip, Darcy finds himself celebrating Thanksgiving with the Bennets. ~P&P~ Last update 01/09/2016 (Fant)

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