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Lost and Found Written by Lynae. When Elizabeth loses her memory because of an accident and is forced to recuperate at Pemberley, she finds love, friends, and adventures. But she is not the only one who realizes that sometimes finding something is worth all of the pain of what you have to lose. ~P&P~ Last update 03/23/2012 (Epi)

Through The Centuries Written by Lynae. When the four main characters of Pride and Prejudice step through Eleanor Sommer's closet into her 21st century bedroom, and life, they all find that love, friendship, and fun transcends time and culture. ~P&P~ Last update 02/08/2013 (Fant)

Star Written by Lynae. Dot Last update 03/17/2013 (ANI)

By Any Other Name Written by Lynae. Dot Last update 06/30/2013 (ANI)

Letters Written by Lynae. Dot A drabble, centered on Anne DeBourgh. ~P&P~ Last update 07/09/2013 (Epi)

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