Welcome to the home of the Derbyshire Writers' Guild at Dwiggie.com. We are a community of readers and writers of Jane Austen fan fiction, and we have one of the oldest and largest archives of Jane Austen-based stories on the internet. Our stories expand on the universe created in Jane Austen's novels and explore the possibilities she left out. Come and join the fun!

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  • Epilogue Abbey: Archive of stories that take place in the same time period as Jane Austen's novels and stay relatively true to her work.
  • Fantasia Gallery: Everything else! Modern stories, time-shifted stories, stories with fanciful elements, and more irreverent stories.
  • DWG Message board for new stories and chapters.
  • Tea Room for conversations about Jane Austen and a great deal more.
  • JAFF Library for the discussion of published Jane Austen-based novels and other books of interest to Dwiggies.
  • A Novel Idea message board and archives for non-Jane Austen-based stories.
  • Baronetage for profiles of Dwiggies from around the world.

Bingley, you must introduce me to that beautiful woman!

Send your questions, problems, and comments related to the Derbyshire Writers' Guild to Crysty (crysty.janeite@gmail.com). Images are from the C. E. Brock illustrations of Pride and Prejudice.