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Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

November 11, 2017 07:33PM
Mary wasn't hugely far from shore,in terms of where she could wade, but a lot of women didn't swim or at least not with facility, so it would have been scary to be left alone for a lot of young women. As I understand the beach profile is pretty shallow, so you have to go out a goodly way to get a dip. And yes, you can pretty much walk back, but in water over your waist, swimming is just easier. Anyone who has bathed off Brighton who would care to tell me if I'm talking rubbish please do, I've based this on descriptions of the period, and on prints of the seafront and the bathing machines at Brighton, and knowing that there is a stiffish current from west to east along the south coast being part of the Gulf Stream.

Ace of Schemes 13-15 (Deleted)

Sarah WaldockNovember 08, 2017 05:18PM

Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

Agnes BeatrixNovember 11, 2017 05:17AM

Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

Sarah WaldockNovember 11, 2017 07:33PM

Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

NickiNovember 09, 2017 10:35AM

Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

KarenteaNovember 08, 2017 11:28PM

Re: Ace of Schemes 13-15

BeclynNovember 09, 2017 02:49AM


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