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Re: P.S.

July 05, 2017 04:59PM
trouble is, it's not just the journalists, it's the nasty little busybodies who sign themselves 'outraged of Little Whingeing' or similar, who would have also attacked Isabelle if she'd taken too long producing an heir, and who believe all immigrants and people on benefits are spongers and who probably have privet hedges and manicured lawns and replace their hate mongering for any semblance of personality.

Titled? ~ 62

LiseJune 29, 2017 01:25PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

Sarah WaldockJuly 05, 2017 04:54PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

Lily - not logged inJuly 02, 2017 12:27AM


Lily - not logged inJuly 02, 2017 12:32AM

Re: P.S.

LiseJuly 04, 2017 12:32PM

Re: P.S.

Sarah WaldockJuly 05, 2017 04:59PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

KarenteaJune 29, 2017 04:32PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

AlidaJune 30, 2017 06:47AM

Me too! smiling smiley (nfm)

CarrieAnnJune 30, 2017 12:47AM


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