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Re: Titled? ~ 62

Lily - not logged in
July 02, 2017 12:27AM
I never even thought about the kids' reactions to those articles about the royal couple having too many children... Of course I'd feel awful if I read that I shouldn't have been born, that I was superfluous and just and added expense! Being unwanted is probably the worst fear any child could ever have. Those lies-writers are not journalists, they are just evil.

Titled? ~ 62

LiseJune 29, 2017 01:25PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

Sarah WaldockJuly 05, 2017 04:54PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

Lily - not logged inJuly 02, 2017 12:27AM


Lily - not logged inJuly 02, 2017 12:32AM

Re: P.S.

LiseJuly 04, 2017 12:32PM

Re: P.S.

Sarah WaldockJuly 05, 2017 04:59PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

KarenteaJune 29, 2017 04:32PM

Re: Titled? ~ 62

AlidaJune 30, 2017 06:47AM

Me too! smiling smiley (nfm)

CarrieAnnJune 30, 2017 12:47AM


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