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Note! Crysty
July 20, 2011 01:20AM
As long time members know, and newer members will come to know, from time to time, the moderators post reminders about DWG culture and etiquette. As it has been a while since we last posted such a reminder, and in light of increased activity which always seems to occur during the summer months, we thought we would take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions and highlight a few other points.

Please take a moment to read our message below. Whether you are a Dwiggie of old or a Dwiggie of new, we are all well-served by taking a moment to read through our friendly reminders. Thank you!

May I post/register under an alias/username?

No. We find it makes for a friendlier community to know each other by real names, and that is why we have this unique rule. Initial-only names are considered aliases.

Why hasn’t my story been archived?

The archives are currently maintained by two volunteers (Crysty and Amy I.), with the alphabet divided between them, and are updated when their schedules allow. Although we try to update the archives promptly and regularly, real life often intervenes. Please also be aware that we do not archive on the same schedule, nor do we always archive all stories within our alphabet sections at the same time, so if it looks like the archives have been recently updated and your story is not amongst them, do not panic! We will get to your story in due time.

Having said that, we acknowledge that there is always room for human error. If you notice that a prolonged period has lapsed and your story still has not been added to/updated in the archives, please do send us an email, as we would hate to have inadvertently missed a post.

What is suitable language and/or content for DWG?

Whether you are replying to a story, writing a story, or posting a comment to the Tea Room please know that the only swear words allowed are “hell” and “damn.” Anything stronger falls outside of DWG’s PG-13 rating guidelines, and will be edited accordingly. Substitutions of symbols in place of actual letters will not render an impermissible word permissible.

If there is any question of suitability of content, please email one of the moderators for assistance/guidance.

May I discuss another JA fan fiction site at DWG?

Due to DWG’s PG-13 friendly nature, the only other JA fan fiction sites that may be named and openly discussed are those limited to the same rating as DWG. Any site hosting stories rated higher than PG-13 may not be named and should not be discussed at DWG; posts will be edited accordingly.

What can I talk about on the DWG message board?

The DWG message board is for authors to share their works and for readers to leave their feedback. While conversations are not prohibited, they should remain germane to the stories under which the discussions are taking place. If you sense that a conversation is moving into a more general topic area, we ask that it be continued in the Tea Room or be taken to email.

Also, to prevent older stories getting pushed down more quickly than necessary, we encourage authors to respond to their readers in a collective post or at the beginning of their next update, rather than replying individually to every response they receive.

Final thoughts!

Please be respectful when interacting with others, including when replying to stories. Authors share a precious gift when post their stories for us to enjoy, and we want to respect their efforts.

If there are any concerns about a post that someone has written, please contact one of the moderators rather than trying to take matters into your own hands.

Thanks for helping us to make DWG the wonderful community that it is. It is our pleasure serving you.

Crysty (crysty.janeite@gmail.com)
Amy I. (labaja97@hotmail.com)

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CrystyJune 23, 2008 05:14PM

Note! ******PLEASE READ********

CrystyJuly 20, 2011 01:20AM

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