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Re: Resolución

May 07, 2023 12:34AM
Thank you for this lovely story. I agree with Sra Moreno that the presence of family and friends is the most important aspect of the wedding ceremony. For the marriage itself, the couple need to know each others principles and morals well enough, and be in agreement about the important issues, to live harmoniously together.

Most people don't remember the exact decorations of the wedding breakfast or the design of the bridesmaids' dresses and other incidentals. They do remember the joy on the faces of bride and groom, and their families. Spending thousands on a wedding does not guarantee a happy marriage. (Speaking as one who had a modest wedding and a happy 52 year --so far-- marriage).

Anyway, it was an enjoyable journey into a South American culture that was mostly unknown to me. I was sorry that Elena did not get a happy ending. Perhaps Jose Perez?


MichelleRWMay 05, 2023 11:30AM

Re: Resolución

AlidaMay 07, 2023 12:34AM

Re: Resolución

MichelleRWMay 08, 2023 01:03AM


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