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Re: Action Lizzy and the Four Thieves Chapter 31-33

April 22, 2023 11:23PM
Great chapters! Thank you very much for updating.

I'm proud of Kitty for her sympathy for the thieves' family, and a bit disappointed that she thought they had no other option that attacking carriages and robbing their passengers to feed their children. I know their situation was very bad, but things cannot be as simple as that. They ended killing three innocent people (including the Earl and Countess' unborn grandchild) in order to obtain money for their family. Something seems wrong to me in Kitty's logic. But she's in the right way thinking about these things. It shows she's not an empty-headed, frivolous girl.

So frustrating the sheriff's men again lost track of one of the suspects. And why do I suspect that the new attack was not the work of the same men that attacked the Gardiners' carriage? It even crossed my mind that it could be a red herring, intended to mislead the investigators, and they could be be thinking of attacking Lizzy while the sheriff's men are away. Perhaps I'm too paranoid. After all the sheriff and his men has been away from Matlock (and Lizzy) before.

I'm glad Jane's has realised Bingley's still attracted to her, by noticing he visited her more than strictly necessary to solve neighbours issues.

Thank you again for continuing with this awesome story.

Action Lizzy and the Four Thieves Chapter 31-33

Anne VApril 21, 2023 12:35PM

Re: Action Lizzy and the Four Thieves Chapter 31-33

Maria Teresa CApril 22, 2023 11:23PM

Re: Action Lizzy and the Four Thieves Chapter 31-33

RoxeyApril 21, 2023 04:36PM


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