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Re: Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

July 17, 2020 01:23PM
Why do the Darcy/Fitzwilliam ladies need protection?

They don't necessarily need protection, but they both have large dowries. I was trying to think of fun little sub plots to keep the story moving forward and ways to help all of the ladies bond. Given that Wickham tried an elope with Georgiana in P&P, I also thought giving G a little more practical real-world knowledge, more than her brother would probably want her to know, would help prepare her for coming out.

What is the significance of whether or not the Sakville's estate has an ocean shoreline?

There really isn't any significance, other than trying to show that Alfie was educated. When I was trying to decide which dukedom/area to assign them, I looked for a county that was out of the way and 2-3 days carriage ride from London. According to Goggle maps, Dorset has some amazing beaches and cliffs. I wanted to leave it open in case I decided to send them to Dorset.

How is it that none of the first circle families know the Sakville's actual last name--so as to miss their connection to the Duchy? Aren't Juliet and Edmund "out"?

I knew that point was going to be the most unbelievable, but I thought it wouldn't be too big of a stretch to keep a small village like Meryton from finding out. Sir Lucas would be the only wild card, but a knight would not automatically be invited to the same events a Duke would.

I am sure people know the last name, but any previous second sons or cousins could also carry it on. True it's not as common as Smith or Jones, but without people using their titles, anyone who noticed would assume they were from a branch that didn't inherit. In the beginning of chapter 2, I explain that Jane's mother-in-law and then father-in-law were both sick, so they were out of society for two years caring for them and the estate, and mourning.

The duke, Frederick Sakville, is similar to Darcy. He enjoys the country and isn't terribly fond of entertaining. Jane had a season just before the previous duchess became sick, but this past one was Juliet and Lizzy's first season. I know the peerage isn't huge, but depending on your political party, friends, estate and townhouse location, the families may or may not be acquaintances. Ladies Matlock and Dobbs are of the first circles and knew who the duchess really was from their charity works and I am sure the earl and duke would know each other from parliament, but even in the first circles there is a hierarchy. A duke may not choose to friend an earl's family. Propriety dictated that a higher rank must acknowledge a lower one.

Men tended to see each other more at their clubs or sporting events, while women were kept sheltered until they were out. True Jane, Juliet, and Lizzy had a season, but there is no guarantee they would have met the Darcy's and Fitzwilliam's.

Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

LizzySJuly 16, 2020 08:34PM

Re: Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

Michelle AJuly 17, 2020 03:36AM

Re: Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

LizzySJuly 17, 2020 01:23PM

Re: Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

AlidaJuly 17, 2020 02:19AM

Re: Even More Consequences From A Call - Chapter 15

LizzySJuly 17, 2020 03:09AM


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