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Re: Welcome to Austenville, end

July 01, 2020 08:00PM

I get why you ended it thusly, but it's soooo tantalising to think that there might be more smiling smiley

Thank you very much for this very entertaining story!! It was great fun to read and I loved your spooky little town.

Hope you post something new soon smiling smiley

(Also thanks for the shout-out. :*)

"I want you to know that you matter. I want you to know that your lives matter, that your dreams matter." (Barack Obama, 03 June 2020)

Welcome to Austenville, end

NN SJune 26, 2020 11:48AM

Re: Welcome to Austenville, end

Mari A.July 01, 2020 08:00PM

Re: Welcome to Austenville, end

Alicia MJune 26, 2020 01:00PM


NN SJune 26, 2020 12:01PM

Re: Notes

KarenteaJune 27, 2020 01:27AM

<3 (nfm)

NN SJune 27, 2020 05:36PM


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