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June 26, 2020 12:01PM
The TV show Once Upon a Time was the inspiration for this particular story and the first season ends with the dramatic now-what of everyone's memories being restored and magic being brought to the town. There's six more seasons of TV show after that, but this story is done. (And a big i-see-you to those familiar with the show!)

So, yes, I thought of the idea while watching OUAT, but I added a few Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland points to the story (the name Alice, painting the roses red, etc). (And a big i-see-you to anyone who read frabjous and knew from then on)

I have this running joke with myself about Austenville having a public safety department rather than a police department. That everyone else gets it (including Elizabeth who is not even from there) except Alice who repeatedly needs to be reminded that they have public safety officers rather than police officers. I have no idea if anyone reading it found it funny, or even noticed it.

The ending for this story was hard to come to, and I went through a couple options before I settled on this one. (Thank you to Karen for reading my rambling notes!) For the curious, consider these discarded alternatives:
The AIW ending: big sibling is there when Alice wakes up and discovers it's just a dream. (She wakes up from the car crash in the hospital.)
Twist: she and her brother then drive through Austenville on the way home and she sees the ppl from her dream except they aren't exactly the same. (Quasi Wizard of Oz ending, except the ppl don't know her.)
Extra twist: she goes back to Austenville, sees that the magical curse is back and ppl have changed but Tripp is well and so is his sister. Alice decides to leave it alone because she doesn't want to ruin his happiness by trying to fix the larger story. (Closest to where I ended up.)

Anyway, thanks for all the comments, and I hope even the silent lurkers enjoyed this. Stay safe!

Welcome to Austenville, end

NN SJune 26, 2020 11:48AM

Re: Welcome to Austenville, end

Mari A.July 01, 2020 08:00PM

Re: Welcome to Austenville, end

Alicia MJune 26, 2020 01:00PM


NN SJune 26, 2020 12:01PM

Re: Notes

KarenteaJune 27, 2020 01:27AM

<3 (nfm)

NN SJune 27, 2020 05:36PM


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