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The Perfect Pair- October Short Story - One Shot

October 04, 2019 01:04AM
Blurb: Darcy and Lizzy meet with the help of Bingley and his sister.

The Perfect Pair

Charles Bingley had many friends but his best and dearest friend was Darcy. Charles had come upon Darcy about five years prior and almost immediately they were the best of pals. They enjoyed being together and Charles had had several heart to heart discussions with his most excellent friend. Darcy was currently at residence with Charles in Hertfordshire.

Earlier that morning Charles’ sister, Caroline, had barged in the front door in high dungeon. She was covered with mud and soaking wet. She had screeched for Charles to come immediately, which he did, leaving Darcy alone in the drawing room. Caroline told Charles that just prior to her falling down in a mud puddle that she had made a new acquaintance. Caroline had brought this new friend home with her and quickly introduced Charles to Lizzy Bennett before rushing upstairs to change into something more appropriate. Caroline had asked Charles to entertain Lizzy Bennett while she was indisposed and Charles readily agreed.

Charles looked Lizzy Bennett over. She had magnificent fine eyes. He thought that Darcy and Lizzy would make the perfect pair. With excitement Charles escorted Lizzy Bennett into the drawing room to meet Darcy. Bingley anxiously awaited Darcy’s reaction. As they entered the drawing room Charles cleared his throat and announced, “I say Darcy I have someone that I would like you to meet.”

Darcy had been sitting down but upon Charles and Lizzy Bennett’s entrance he stood up and stretched out to his full height. Darcy was a handsome specimen. He was taller than most with luxurious dark thick hair. Darcy eyed Lizzy Bennett intently. Charles was about to speak again when Darcy simply and aloofly strolled out of the room giving Lizzy Bennett the "Cut Direct" showing his displeasure at seeing her.

Charles called out to Darcy, “I say Darcy, how can you give Lizzy Bennett the 'Cut Direct'? Is there a previous history between you two?” Darcy only momentarily stopped to look back with that glare of disapproval that he was often known for and continued out of the room.

Charles could not believe that Darcy had acted in such a rude manner. Lizzy Bennett was now trembling and Charles was visibly upset. All he could think to do was to whisper softly to Lizzy Bennett that he hoped all would be well once Caroline returned from upstairs.

No matter what Darcy thought of her Lizzy Bennett was there to stay. After a few weeks Darcy found Lizzy Bennett tolerable but never handsome enough to tempt him. Darcy would never hold “romantic” feelings for Lizzy Bennett as, even though he was a magnificent looking long-haired black cat, he had been neutered years ago. Lizzy Bennett on the other hand was a cute fuzz ball of fur with the most incredible emerald eyes for a stray kitten. Lizzy Bennett had been named for Caroline’s favorite character in her favorite novel. As Caroline was known for improving her mind with extensive reading, naming a new furry friend after a novel character was a logical decision. Charles Bingley had not been so far off with his estimation of Darcy and Lizzy Bennett. They may not have made the perfect pair but this pair was a “purrfect” addition to the family for the Bingley siblings.

The Perfect Pair- October Short Story - One Shot

JenOctober 04, 2019 01:04AM

Re: The Perfect Pair- October Short Story - One Shot

JenOctober 04, 2019 05:22AM

Re: The Perfect Pair- October Short Story - One Shot

KarenteaOctober 04, 2019 02:53AM


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