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Mending a Pen - One Shot

October 02, 2019 06:58AM
Blurb: A total and complete work of fluff, that answers the question as to why Caroline Bingley offered to mend Mr. Darcy's pen one evening at Netherfield Park.

AN: This is not part of a longer story, or part of any of the current challenges, just something that wanted to be written when I was looking back through some of my old plot bunnies.

There was nothing Caroline liked better than a well-trimmed pen. Unfortunately, there were so very few people who could mend pens properly. For as long as she could remember, Caroline had requested her dresses be designed with a special hidden pocket to store her penknife. This way, when she was required to use a pen that was not her own, she would have a penknife readily available to mend the inevitably horrible tip.

When feathered turbans came into fashion, Miss Caroline Bingley was beside herself with glee. No longer would she be required to make do with whatever pen was made available for her use. She prepared pens in a variety of styles and colors, then had her maid insert them in her turban as if they were normal feathers. She would always have a pen of exquisite quality available, because she was the one to choose the quill and mend the tip.

Caroline always felt it was unfair that mending pens was not considered an important accomplishment for a young lady of the ton. With so few people acknowledging the importance of this skill, it was incredibly difficult for her to find opportunities to exhibit her true proficiency.

One evening at Netherfield Park, while trying to distract Mr. Darcy from the fine eyes of the other available young lady sitting in the room, Caroline realized this was the perfect opportunity to showcase her pen-mending capabilities, and struck up a conversation with Mr. Darcy about his letter to his sister. In the course of the conversation, she rejoiced when she found the opportunity to offer to mend his pen.

“I am afraid you do not like your pen. Let me mend it for you. I mend pens remarkably well.”

“Thank you – but I always mend my own,” Mr. Darcy had replied.

Although Caroline continued the conversation, not wanting Mr. Darcy to see how he wounded her, she was devastated. She had finally worked into a conversation a way to show her remarkable ability to mend pens, and had been summarily dismissed.

He may be fastidious in many ways, but I am certain that his ability to mend a pen is not equal to my own, Caroline thought. Well, that is just one thing that will have to change when I am Mrs. Darcy.

When Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet eventually wed, Caroline looked at the invitation with a bit of contempt. It was clearly written with an inferior pen.

“Well, he made his decision,” Caroline mused to herself. “He will just have to spend the rest of his life never really knowing the joy that comes from a perfectly prepared pen.”

Thanks for reading!

Mending a Pen - One Shot

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