Frances S.
September 30, 2019 07:28PM
Better late than never ... This is my first attempt at fanfiction that has escaped to the public ... (and, as you probably can see, I'm not a native speaker)

Charlotte believed that the answer to everything was in a good cup of tea. And it seemed that Mr. Darcy held the same belief, Elizabeth thought when Sarah followed Mr. Darcy into the drawing room to deliver a small tea set for his personal use. Having the fire almost behind her for more light, Elizabeth had a perfect view of Mr. Darcy's profile as he unfolded and read a letter. Hidden from general view, his face was far more expressive than Elizabeth had ever seen.

He shifted from thoughtful to amused as he read. With a suppressed smile and a slightly raised eyebrow, he put the letter beside on the desk and picked up his pen. Could it be that Mr. Darcy was teasing the recipient of his letter?

Suddenly, he put the pen away and folded letter he had received. When Miss Bingley arrived behind him, his face was back to the usual haughty expression and he held the folded letter protectively over the letter he had been writing. “How delighted Miss Darcy will be to receive such a letter!” He made no answer. “I am afraid you do not like your pen. Let me mend it for you. I mend pens remarkably well.” “Thank you—but I always mend my own.” “How can you contrive to write so even?” Probably a lot of practice and the knowledge that carelessness would cost at least a lot of time, Elizabeth thought.

“Do you always write such charming long letters to her, Mr. Darcy?” “They are generally long; but whether always charming it is not for me to determine.” “It is a rule with me, that a person who can write a long letter with ease, cannot write ill. Don't you agree with me, Miss Eliza?” "Not necessarily, it could also be that the person struggles to express a thought succinctly", answered Elizabeth. "Not an improbable conclusion, but not exactly a flattering one, either", Mr. Darcy said, and for a short moment, a hint of a suppressed smile and a twitch of one eyebrow reminded Elizabeth of his expression when he began to write. Was he teasing her?

Elizabeth missed Miss Bingley's answer. But as Miss Bingley left Mr. Darcy with a pinched smile, it seemed that she had given up for the moment. To Elizabeth's further astonishment, Mr. Darcy grinned at her before unfolding the letter and continuing to write.

Left to her own thoughts, Elizabeth thought back over all interactions with Mr. Darcy. Granted, his first remark was not what she expected from a gentleman, but there seemed to be a pattern to his incivility. To anyone who could be seen as a potential match or as promoting a potential match, he was barely civil. The few people obviously without any aspirations, such as Charlotte (but not her mother), were met with perfect politeness. His treatment of servants, at least as far as Elizabeth had observed, resembled Jane's on her best days. Where did this leave Elizabeth in his estimation?

A good cup of tea – September Short Story Topic – One Shot

Frances S.September 30, 2019 07:28PM

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