September 28, 2019 11:57PM
Please know that I am more of a reader than a writer. I enjoy reading the fanfiction at This is absolutely the first fanfiction piece I have ever attempted. I was inspired to write this after I read the September challenge in the Tea Room.

Blurb: Harriet Smith has to solve an urgent dilemma without even time to think it over while enjoying a cup of tea.

Harriet’s Dilemma

She believed that the answer to everything was in a good cup of tea. But Harriet Smith had no time for tea and had to do some quick thinking. She had been made an offer of marriage. Marriage! While that ordinarily would be an exciting event for a young lady of seventeen, Harriet was far from pleased. The gentleman asking for her hand was someone she had only known for two weeks. Two weeks! Harriet had been befriended by this gentleman’s sister, Cassandra. Cassandra had introduced Harriet to her brother, Robert, and he in turn, after knowing Harriet for just two weeks, had proposed marriage to her.

Marrying Robert would mean a huge adjustment for Harriet. She would be required to leave the only home she had ever known. Harriet had no desire to leave her home and local environs. She was also especially wary being tied in the holy bonds of matrimony to a basically a stranger. Harriet’s dilemma was how to turn down this marriage proposal and still remain friends with Cassandra. After a quick few moments of mulling over options Harriet came up with a plan that she hoped would keep her unattached while keeping her friendship with Cassandra intact. Harriet decided that she would not give Robert a direct answer. Instead she cleverly explained to him that she was not yet of age and that he needed to apply to her guardian for her hand. She suggested that he come by to talk to her guardian on the morrow and Robert readily agreed.

Harriet breathed a sigh of relief. She now had time to explain everything to those at home before Robert arrived. Harriet knew that they would not want her to leave the home “nest” and move so far away and she was quite willing to let someone else be the one to “let down” her suitor. Harriet mused that if it was not herself denying Robert permission to marry her that Cassandra would not hold her to blame and then then two of them could still maintain a close friendship. Harriet smiled. She had come up with a perfect plan and she had done it without even taking one sip of tea!

Harriet returned home and rushed into the drawing room where two adults were quietly talking. When they saw Harriet they quickly stopped their confab and asked how her visit with Cassandra went. Harriet smiled and replied, “Oh, I got an offer of marriage and…” But before she could finish her sentence her mother cried, “Wonderful, clever girl! You have saved us!” Unbeknownst to Harriet her family was having financial difficulties and one less mouth to feed and one less body to clothe would indeed be a welcome boon for the Smiths. So when her suitor arrived the next day Harriet’s father readily consented to the marriage.

Eventually Harriet Smith would become Harriet Forster as her betrothed was none other than Colonel Robert Forster, commander of the militia currently quartered in Meryton. In subsequent weeks and years Mrs. Robert Forster was known to never make an important decision without first mulling it over with a good cup of tea.

Harriet’s Dilemma –September Short Story Topic – One Shot

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