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At Pemberly

Alicia M
July 14, 2019 12:02AM
DNA: Hi all! This is what happened when Jen P. came over to my house to watch Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta, last month. It's very short and very silly. Enjoy. RA.


Elizabeth Bennet was happy to have been invited to Pemberley with Mrs. Gardiner whilst Mr. Gardiner went fishing with Mr. Darcy. She was delighted to finally meet Miss Darcy but was vexed by the presence of Miss Bingley. Relief arrived, however, when the gentlemen joined them. Darcy was eager to assist his sister's efforts to get better acquainted with Elizabeth. Soon, however, Georgiana moved to the pianoforte and began playing with perfect execution. Caroline, jealous of Darcy's obvious attentions to Elizabeth said, "Pray, Miss Eliza, are not the ____shire militia removed from Meryton, they must be a great loss to your family."

Elizabeth was puzzled. "My dear Miss Bingley, whatever do you mean by 'blankshire'? I have never heard of such a place! Where in heavens could that be? What an odd name for a shire!"

Darcy, always eager to correct others, interjected, "My dear Miss Elizabeth, for your edification, Blankshire is quite the place, I assure you. I would know, for my uncle is the Earl of Blank."

"Yes, indeed," chimed in Miss Bingley.

"Have you been there?" asked Elizabeth?"

"Not yet."

Darcy looked pointedly at Miss Bingley, then continued, "But I believe the point Miss Bingley was trying to make is that your sisters are flirts of the first magnitude."

Elizabeth looked astonished, "Miss Bingley, I thought we were friends! How could you?"

"Friends," laughed Miss Bingley, "I certainly did not intend to give you that impression."

"Well, I will have you know that except for Lydia who followed them to Brighton my sisters are doing quite well since the removal of the militia, although they do miss the company of Mr. Wickham, in particular." A cry of anguish echoed from the pianoforte as the melodious notes continued to play without fail. Elizabeth was not deterred. "Lydia writes that Wickham misses them as well. And he is quite satisfied with Brighton. Indeed, Mr. Wickham finds Brighton much more satisfying than Ramsgate. He was not happy at all with his experience in Ramsgate. Mr. Wickham found Ramsgate quite dull indeed." By now Georgiana was sobbing uncontrollably but continued playing without error.

Darcy coughed every time Elizabeth spoke the word "Wickham" or "Ramsgate," while trying to catch her eye. When he did he made a motion with his hand across his throat in an effort to stop her. He even went so far as to say in a loud whisper, "Miss Bennet, some things are meant to be confidential."

"I don't know what you mean, Wickham was quite open about the whole thing. He had no scruple about exposing all that occurred at Ramsgate."

Mr. Bingley began to say, "I think ...," but Mrs. Gardiner interrupted with, "Oh I do love Ramsgate. Your uncle and I honeymooned there. Our friend Mrs. Younge recommended it. It's so lovely in the summer. I cannot imagine why Wickham would find Ramsgate distasteful."

Now Bingley spoke, "Oh Mrs. Younge, I do recall that lady. What a fine personage. And such a good caretaker of Miss Darcy; indeed, she took excellent care of her. I say Miss Darcy did not you and Mrs. Younge once go to Ramsgate? I seem to recall you going to Ramsgate with Mrs. Younge."

Suddenly they all heard a loud crash against the piano keys as poor Georgiana banged her head against them whilst continuing to play beautifully.

Darcy again attempted to silence Elizabeth by jerking his head in the direction of his sister. "Miss Bennet please. Ixnay on the amsgateray and the ickhamway and the oungyay."

"Ungyay? asked Elizabeth, "I have not the pleasure of understanding you, sir. Pray, is that a citizen of Blankshire?"

"Good god woman," cried Darcy, "I was speaking of Mrs. Younge, please stop talking about Mrs. Younge and Wickham and Ramsgate."

Elizabeth said, "oh," then looking at Miss Bingley, she held up her left hand to block the view of her right hand from the others, with which she pointed in Georgiana's direction.

Miss Bingley looked at Georgiana, who was in a puddle on the floor beneath the pianoforte.

Elizabeth stood and walking over to the instrument said, "Miss Darcy, how can you play with no one to turn the pages?"


At Pemberly

Alicia MJuly 14, 2019 12:02AM

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