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Re: The Curse Chapter 27

June 27, 2019 02:35AM
YAY!!!! I am soooo very happy to see this posting! I actually clapped in happiness when I got the notification

the conversation with Gardiner was really great. I love how each man stepped up and spoke of his Bennet love, and especially Darcy. I think the Gardiners will be great friends with all of them and can maybe can provide some ideas for dealing with Collins.

I'm going to have to go back to remind myself where Lizzy is (I remember her soaring up high and far away but not exactly why) .. and where is Collins (seem to remember hoping he was blasted on a trip) .. which is totally okay because this is a story I'll be reading more than once!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting again. It is wonderful to have you back.

The Curse Chapter 27

Autumn DJune 27, 2019 01:34AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

Linnea EileenJuly 13, 2019 01:27AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

EvelynJeanJuly 12, 2019 03:10AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

RaewynJuly 06, 2019 11:55PM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

lizgJune 29, 2019 04:53PM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

MichaJune 27, 2019 09:33AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

Maria VJune 30, 2019 09:47PM

Re: The Curse Chapter 27

janasheJune 27, 2019 02:35AM


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