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Loving a Man in Regimentals

June 02, 2019 08:12PM
First posted elsewhere for a parent/child theme.

Blurb: Little Miss Darcy has some Bennet/Gardiner in her.

Thanks for reading!

Colonel Fitzwilliam had been overseas for several years and therefore missed the birth of Miss Darcy. He did receive letters from her father proclaiming her many virtues, including spitting up on his favorite waistcoat.

One day Fitzwilliam entered Pemberley, resplendent in his regimentals, ready to meet his now-toddler cousin. He knew his family was visiting, except for Georgiana, who was on her honeymoon. While he was happy his presence was going to be a surprise for the rest of his family, he was disappointed he had missed the wedding.

Among the exclamations of delight, hugs, and kisses he felt a tug on his trousers. There was the toddler Miss Darcy, of shining eyes and big smile, holding her hands up.

He picked her up.

"Love, I am delighted to meet you."

As she clasped her hands together she tilted her head towards her regimentally-configured relative and fluttered her eyelashes.

The room went silent.

Darcy held his head in his hands as Elizabeth muttered things akin to, "This may become the worst day of my life," and "Civilian attire."

"You are corrupting my daughter!" Darcy eventually roared.

"I just arrived!"

Miss Darcy clapped her hands and giggled.

Among the stunned relations viewing the tableau, the Earl whispered to the Countess, "Pemberley will soon have the most impressive moat in the world."

"When the time comes, Rosings is an option if Catherine is still alive."

"True, my dear, very true."


Why Miss Darcy was eventually sent to that tyrant, Aunt Georgiana, she could not fathom.

Loving a Man in Regimentals

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