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Calling it Quits - One Shot

May 14, 2019 05:08AM
Blurb: When Lizzy sends Darcy a text, he only sees the words, not the picture that provides the context. As a result, he has a moment of panic.

Calling it Quits

Lizzy Bennet looked at the canvas in front of her. She squinted her eyes, tilted her head, and looked again. She asked herself why in the world she let herself be talked into a girl’s night that included creating artwork.

Her canvas looked nothing like the original one that they were trying to copy.

Charlotte’s canvas was passable.

Jane’s canvas looked perfect.

Sighing, Elizabeth snapped a quick picture of her “art,” then shot off a text to her fiancé.

LB: This isn’t working. Time to call it quits.

Throwing her phone in her purse, she stood with the rest of the girls for the obligatory group picture with their canvases. As she stood, she bumped the table, causing her pallet to tip against her shirt.


There was only one phone number on Will Darcy’s phone that was programmed to play an alert that differed from the default. When he heard that alert while at dinner with Charlie Bingley, he couldn’t help the smile that came to his face. Their fiancées were enjoying a girl’s night, so Will and Charlie had gone to dinner together.

When he reached for his phone and saw the text, he froze. He didn’t even unlock his phone. Just stared at the words on his lock screen.

LB: This isn’t working. Time to call it quits.

What! He thought things were going so well. They had overcome so many difficulties. He did not understand what had happened.

“Have you heard from Jane?” Will squeaked out.

Confused, Charlie looked at his phone. No messages.

“Is anything wrong?” Charlie asked him.

“Lizzy wants to call it quits,” he replied quietly.

“She’s breaking up with you in a text? That doesn’t sound like something she would do.”

“I’m looking at the text right now.”

“Are you sure?” Charlie asked. “You do have a bit of a history of misunderstanding each other.”

Will showed Charlie the screen of his phone. Confused, Charlie decided to text Jane to try to understand what was going on.

CB: Enjoying your night?

There were a few tense moments of silence. Finally, a text came in.

JB: Lizzy’s a mess.

Both men stared at the screen. Will was becoming a mess, himself.

“Ask her what happened,” Will begged.

CB: What’s wrong?

JB: Lizzy says I can’t tell you.

CB: She sent Will a text saying it wasn’t working, so time to call it quits

JB: LOL. I don’t think she even tried.

“LOL!” Will exclaimed. “What part of this does she think could possibly be considered funny?”

CB: Did she say what was wrong

JB: I think it was pretty obvious

CB: What was obvious?

JB: She says she sent Will a pic that should explain everything that she is willing to share.

With shaking fingers, Will unlocked his phone. He clicked on his text messages. Closing his eyes, he clicked on the last message from Lizzy. He was startled when Charlie started laughing.

Opening his eyes and looking at his phone, he saw a picture of one of the worst paintings he had ever seen.

“What is that?” Will exclaimed.

“The girls were going to a paint night,” Charlie replied. “That must be Lizzy’s painting.”

“She wants to break up with me because she can’t paint?”

“I don’t think she wants to break up with you,” Charlie replied, trying to stop his laughter.

“Then why did she say she wants to call it quits?”

“I think she meant she is going to quit painting.”

Looking back at his phone, he saw that the picture and the text were sent at the same time.

“Oh.” After a pause he added, “We are never speaking about this ever again.”

Charlie just laughed in response.

Calling it Quits - One Shot

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