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Why Did You Have To Be? part 2 **Rough Draft--Need Thoughts! Please Read**

December 20, 2018 04:52PM
Part 2 of Rough Draft--please enjoy! And let me know what you think...


Lizzy Bennet was a hard working thirty year old who was now a single mother of two beautiful boys and who proudly and recently began to own her own auto shop. Well technically George and her owned the shop, but since their break up he decided to take a tech job at Dan’s Garage while he let Lizzy run the shop and he kept his name on the mortgage.

That’s how she met George Wickham, while attending the local technical school for mechanics. She always loved to do hard work but when her car from highschool kept breaking down, she decided she would become a mechanic. She was good at doing things around the house and tinkering with odds and ends. She could cook, bake, and do administrational work, but working with her hands and to see something run because she fixed it or made it always made her proud.

Off and on they were a couple and they got along pretty well, until they had children. Out of the blue Lizzy became pregnant both times and while she was ready to settle down and happily become a mother and a possible wife should he have asked, George never let the idea completely settle inside. He felt trapped and wanted to do more with his life than be a father and in a small town. He loved his boys and wanted them to be cared for but for himself he knew as selfish as it was that he wanted to do more.

With their shop making money, from being one of the only four garages in town, he knew she was able to care for them properly. He gave Lizzy money when he could but she didn’t expect it from him. Only time with their boys did she expect from him, which as of late he was doing good so far.
He felt the mid life crisis come a bit early. He was only 33 years old and having graduated from high school and becoming a teacher for mechanics at the local vocational school, he met Lizzy. But that was years ago. So long ago. A time when it was okay for them to go up and down. Now things were different. Lizzy wanted to move on from the usual bullcrap she put up with and live a good honest life. She gave up the parties and the bad boy antics she put up with. She was a mom now. She needed to be there for her boys. Sure she could have a good time, but a good time now was not just going out with her sisters or friends which she occasionally did, but was to spend time with her boys.
After school, Lizzy’s father, Thomas Bennet, got her a job at Longbourn Auto Care which is the garage she now owns. Her father is a salesman at Longbourn Auto Sales and with the mechanic they used, Ben Sharp, he was able to help her get a job with him and when Ben felt ready to retire he sold the company to Lizzy and George.

Lizzy’s mother, Fran Bennet, was a nurse at Meryton Regional Hospital in the General Surgery Department. Her youngest sister,Lydia, was becoming a trama nurse and wanted to work at the hospital with her mother if at all possible. They were very close as it were. In fact the whole family was close together. Always there to help each other and comfort on another-cheer each other up.

Lizzy’s other sister, Kat, wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. At her age of 22 she needed to figure it out but currently was saving her money to travel around Europe. Which she was so close to meeting that she is about to book her ticket.

Jane and Lizzy were the best of friends to say the least. Jane was only two years older than Lizzy and they got along famously since they were little. Moving in with Lizzy was something she was happy to do to help her sister out. They had lived together years ago before George and Lizzy moved in together so many years ago.

It hard been a difficult nine months but she was getting through it, they all were.

Jane hadn’t even dated since she moved in which Lizzy felt awful for since Jane was dating before she moved and now she wasn’t doing anything but working, helping with her kids and anything else but dating.

So when Lizzy heard about this new man she had run into, she hoped that being he was new they might see each other again. The chances were slim but possible since the town was small.

After they consumed the large extra cheese with mushrooms and black olives pizza, the girls finished their work with the books both to the surprising pleasure that Lizzy could afford to give her employees something of a bonus this year.

She had owned the shop four years now and always tried to help her two faithful employees as best she could. Todd had always been there, an older man nearing 45 who had been working on cars and trucks since he was 15 years old. Phil came in right after George left the business right on time to help Lizzy with the bind George had left her in. That was when he walked out on her with the boys and moved into the local motel a few miles from their house.

Now things were easier and Phil and Todd weren’t going anywhere.

Lizzy packed up the books and supplies while Jane stretched and yawned.

‘When are you going to get a computer and do all this through Quickbooks? This is so 90s.’

Lizzy giggled while she cleaned up the kitchen before telling her sister she was slowly progressing into the 21st century.

‘I’ll catch up soon. I’m just stuck in my old ways. Want to watch a movie?’

Jane shook her head.

‘I’m ready for bed. I’m exhausted and when tax season comes I’m sending you to H&R Block.’

Lizzy shrugged and finished cleaning up.

‘Well good night. I’m going to stay up a bit and then head into bed. Sleep well Jane.’

Without further need of invitation, Jane headed to her bed and after getting ready, she gladly went into a deep sleep.

Lizzy on the other hand…she text George to make sure the boys were settled in okay. She looked up at the unfinished load of clothes she yet had to fold and let out a heavy sigh. Then set off for the washer and dryer.


Darcy and Georgie were grateful for the invitation to stay the night and with the road trip Darcy had taken earlier in the day, he was glad he accepted earlier in the week.

Though the guest rooms weren’t set up completely, Charles made sure they were comfortable enough considering the condition of his new house. Georgie did make Charles stop at Target so she could pick up some necessary items, suchas soap, paper towels, a bit of food and drink, and so forth before going back to his home.

As Darcy and Charles waited in the car for her, Charles began with Jane.

‘I can’t believe I ran into such a woman.’ He went on making Darcy roll his eyes while looking out the window over the parking lot.

‘Charles, please. She was pretty I grant you that, but you don’t know her and who knows if you will ever see her again.’

‘Oh I don’t doubt it. Meryton is small enough that the chances are greater than in Fredericksburg. That city is booming right now. I wanted country charm.’

‘Well I think you have that though this place seems to be booming too.’ He said as he spotted a construction sight across the highway.

‘Yeah well, I think I was meant to be here.’

Darcy shot a look at his best friend but decided to keep quiet. It had been a good night and he didn’t want to spoil it. If Charles was keen on seeing this Jane Doe again let him be, he would be there to pick up the pieces as he was before, but yet Darcy had a feeling that Charles was right. He just wasn’t sure he wanted to admit it yet.

Georgie briskly walked back to the car with several bags in tow.

‘Did you have the rest of the store sent to the house, George?’ Darcy asked as she piled her bags in the back seat before getting in.

‘No I didn’t, William. I simply bought things I know Charles would forget to buy.’

Charles mocked offense as he drove off giving himself a giggle from Georgie.

‘Charles was just telling me how he can’t wait to run into Jane Doe again.’

‘Oh really?’ Georgie asked curiously.

‘Well I’m sure she can’t wait either. In fact if she has a sister, throw her Will’s way will you Cooper? He needs companionship…bad.’ She said as she looked her brother over from the back seat.

Darcy gave her a sharp look and then turned back in his seat.

‘I’m sure it will happen. Maybe at the Turkey Run?’

Georgie shrugged.

Once they were back at the house, they all agreed it was a long day and headed to bed. As Darcy headed out of the lavish guest bathroom he had to share with Georgie, he saw her walk his way from the hallway all set in blue and gray plaid flannel pajamas pants and a white tank top.
‘Sweet dreams big brother’ She sing songed as she made her way past him.

‘You too, Georgie.’

As he entered the large guest room Charles set him up in, he went to the window that looked out over the front lawn. It was a spacious room especially with only a bed and dresser in there.

He saw the snow blanketed neighborhood and the snow slowly die down from falling. He had a feeling he would be spending many nights in this room.

With a grin and quick shake of his head, he answered the call of the king size bed waiting for him.


Bright and early in the morning the sun shined down Meryton finding the snow pristine and brand new. Soon the children would be up branding their mark with sledding on the Big Hill at Sky Park, making snowmen and having snowball fights throughout the front lawns.

Lizzy awoke rested and ready for her day. Today she had to make a quick stop at the shop to drop off her books and office supplies and then she promised to help Jane with her fundraiser prep. With the warm cozy house making it a bit hard to wake up, Lizzy climbed out of her bed and went to her bathroom to shower and dress.

It was cold, no mistake about that, so with her leg warmer boot socks, her dark blue jeans and brown high knee boots she made sure her body wouldn’t be cold. While she was putting her dark gray oversized sweater on over her white fitted shirt, Jane came in already dressed and ready to go.

‘Nice outfit.’ Jane remarked as she stood in the doorway dressed in light blue jeans, black mid calf boots and a black sweater.

‘You too.’ Lizzy half laughed as she finished getting ready.

‘I’m going to head out and get to the school. I’ll meet you there around 11 right?’

Lizzy nodded as she fished out her a silver chain necklace with a small diamond pendant and secured it around her neck.

‘Yeah I’ll be there. Just don’t forget to call me if you need me to get anything. I put all of your supplies in your truck.’

‘Thanks. Right well I’m off. Bye!’

Jane said over her shoulder and with that the kitchen door slammed behind her.

Lizzy was left to herself at which point she was grateful. After straightening her curly hair, applying mascara and spritzing a bit of perfume, she made her way to her dresser. Her room was tasteful with dark gray, black, white and coral coloring. Her full size bed had a black headboard with a white linen duvet with a heavy down comforter, she had a tall black dresser and matching nightstand with a tall lamp on the nightstand with a coral shade. On the opposite wall of the bed in the corner she had a flat screen t.v. sitting on a short wide bookcase full of her prized books she kept out of the living room along with cook books, children’s books and mechanic business books. Coral candles adorned her tall dresser as well as a ceramic hand print she had of both her boys. Next to the tall dresser was a door to a tiny full bathroom that was all her own. Unfortunately, Jane had to share with the boys and on the flip side, she didn’t seem to mind. Lizzy went to her tall dresser and paused before opening the top drawer.

Lizzy had a bad habit…one she was trying to break and no one knew about. At least Jane didn’t say anything….yet.

She fumbled through her tall dresser that had her very tiny bit of jewelry in a wooden box and a couple bottles of perfume she acquired over the years and found her pack of cigarettes and lighter. She didn’t smoke too often, just occasionally. Taking one out of the smashed up pack and placing it back into her dresser drawer, she went to the dining area and opened the sliding door to the back porch. She inhaled sharply at the chill that reached out to her, lit her cigarette, and quickly inhaled.

By the time she was done she brushed her teeth, spritzed more perfume and grabbed her gray peacoat.

Making sure the house was locked up and she could leave, she grabbed her box and headed for the garage. It was only big enough for a bit of stuff to store and her truck. Since her father worked at Longbourn Auto Sales, she was able to get a good discount on a newer vehicle, of which she chose a black Ford Edge.

Climbing in after getting her box into the back seat, she made her way out of the driveway and onto the main road. Her shop was about fifteen minutes away from her house.

As she made a quick stop at Burger King for breakfast, she made her way there in a flash and pulled into her spot behind the shop’s entrance to the store and garage.

Already seeing Todd there and knowing Phil would be in after making the stop to the local parts store, she brought her box in and set for her tiny office in the back.


Darcy was the last person to awake and was fine staying a few extra minutes in bed. It was quiet and still. He was left to his thoughts, which was rare nowdays.

William Darcy was an up and coming lawyer working for one of the top corporate legal firms in Washington D.C., German & Coleson Law. They saw Darcy as a secret weapon and shortly, Darcy knew, the offer to become a partner would be in his lap. He was ready and thirsty for the opportunity. His work took up a lot of his time, but luckily, he was able to employ a team to help with the heavy amounts of research he usually had to do on his own. He was becoming extremely successful and proud of his accomplishments at what was considered a young age in the field at 36. He had secretly hoped Georgie would follow suit, but she never had a deep interest in law. Instead she went for journalism and became a media digital assistant with a local news station. She was well on her way to becoming anything she wanted with the hard work, long tedious hours and constant dedication to her profession. He was very proud of her independence. For so long she was shy and reserved as he always was with strangers, but in both of their professions, they learned that connections and speech was very powerful and both used them to their ultimate advantage.

Darcy finally emerged from the bed and grabbed his robe before heading to the bathroom.

He could hear his sister’s voice.

‘Already biting at the bit, I see.’ He thought to himself.

After getting dressed and ready for his Saturday, he headed downstairs finding Georgie and Charles unpacking.

‘Good morning Will!’ Georgie chirped as she saw her brother enter the vast living room.

‘Will,’ Charles began, ‘good morning. There’s breakfast on the kitchen table and when you’re finished, mind helping me move this sofa to the other side of the room?’

Will obliged and after a quick bite of eggs, toast, and strong coffee, the two men moved the sofa.

As the men made order of the furniture throughout the house, Georgie took it upon herself to organize the odds and ends in the various rooms.
By lunchtime, the three of them were ready for a much needed break.

‘I know Caroline will most likely have her own input since we don’t always see eye to eye on décor, but I’d like to help you out Charles and go to the mall here, perhaps find a few things for your house? It’s my treat as well as Will’s’ She glanced in her brother’s direction.

Darcy almost cringed at the mention of Charles’ sister. Caroline Bingley, strikingly beautiful, smart, and very keen on the wealthy, she was always trendy and a bit out of Darcy’s comfort zone in well really anything. Where Georgie’s tastes were clean, bold, and classic, Caroline was bright, eccentric, and always changing with whatever was new and ‘in’. Knowing Charles’ taste was easy going and he held Georgie’s opinion in a higher regard than that of his sister’s, he agreed to the plans she had offered.

‘The place is too big for me to paint on my own, so I’ll hire a crew to come in, but we can go find colors and ther rest of your items if you’d like.’

Satisfied, Georgie left them alone in the foyer to grab her things before they all left for lunch and shopping.

‘Do I really need to come for all that?’ Darcy griped since he only wanted to eat lunch.

‘Oh come on Darce. I need you to make sure she doesn’t spend all my money.’ Charles joked as he put his coat on.

‘She won’t.’ He replied firmly, ‘She’ll just spend mine.’


Lizzy spent very little time in her office alone before Todd came in with dirty hands holding a greasy rag.

‘Wow do I see a lady or is it just Lizzy?’ he quipped as he stood against her door frame.

Lizzy looked up from her invoices and smiled.

‘Very funny, on the few days I’m not looking worse than you are now, I try to clean up well.’

‘And you do. I’m working on the Acura now, did you want me to start on anything later today?’

Lizzy turned to her desk and grabbed a clip board with several papers on it. Flipping to the third page she scratched her eyebrow while reading the list over and then set the clip board down.

‘When you finish with the Acura, you can start on the Jetta parked out front. It needs a brake job-the works and then when Phil finishes with the Prius I need him to do a mobile run to the address I taped on his toolbox. He needs to call them before he heads out and let them know he’s on the way. It’s a Sierra that needs to be fixed for plowing. ’ Lizzy said as she rose from her chair and walked to the front of her shop with Todd in tow.

‘Is Phil picking up the o2 sensor I need for the Corolla in stall 4?’

Before Todd could speak, a short lanky young man walked through the front door carrying several boxes in his arms.

‘I did and Mac said he’d bill you.’

Lizzy looked at Phil as he held the boxes in his scrawny arms.

‘What are those?’ She wondered as she watched Phil set the boxes down on the customer service desk counter.

Phil looked down as he set the last box down and saw Lizzy patiently waiting for him to answer as she grabbed one of the boxes and opened it up to find an oil filter.

‘These are uh…filters. Oil, air…you know.’

Lizzy’s brows furrowed.

‘Yes I know that but what are they doing here? What are they for? I never ordered these.’ She said as she closed the box up and set it on top of the pile.

‘Mac gave them to me saying he was overstocked. Thought we could use them.’

Lizzy peered at Phil’s thin face and saw his eyes evading hers.

‘Phil…how many boxes did he give you?’ she asked again.

Phil sighed and fidgeted with one of the lids of a box in front of him.

’30 cases.’ He said meekly yet impatiently.

’30 cases!! And this is what? Half a case’s worth?’ Lizzy exclaimed and picked up the box she had set down before.

‘Give or take…yeah.’

Lizzy shook her head.

‘I have no room for all of this.’ Lizzy looked around her small shop and shrugged and let out a deep sigh. She didn’t have the energy to fight this and wasn’t going to be able to fix it then until she had a word with Mac.

‘I guess you can leave four cases in my office and then fill my truck up with as many as you can…I’ll take them home. More junk for my garage.’

Phil began gathering the boxes from the counter and then shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

‘There’s more..he also gave us 15 cases of 5 quart oil. Standard.’

Lizzy’s hand flew to her face and she slowly walked back to her office noticing that Todd had well gone back to his work listening to his country music that blared from his portable stereo.

She caught a glimpse of him grinning ear to ear and shaking his head. No doubt laughing at Phil and hers’ exchange.

She grabbed her keys from her desk and with Phil in tow she headed to the shop’s van parked in the front parking lot.

Opening up the back door, she tilted her head and sighed.

It was full to the brim with huge boxes.

‘Please tell me this is it, Phil.’

He shook his head.

‘I have to go back.’

Lizzy shut the back door and started walking back inside.

‘No. You are not picking the rest up. He can send for a refund for all I care. I’m not getting dumped with anymore than we have right now. You know I don’t like being overstocked, Phil. You should’ve said no.’

Phil, still following in tow with the boxes in his arms, he stumbled as he stepped inside behind her and then set the boxes down again on the counter.

‘He pushed it on me.’ He said timidly.

Lizzy turned to look at him from her way back to her office and thrust her keys in his chest.

‘Tell him to call me.’ And with that she turned back to head to her office grumbling to herself.

‘Overflow…my foot. I wish that was my problem.’

Not even 30 minutes later, Phil finished with the stock and began working on his Prius and Todd continuing to work on his Acura.

Lizzy had to go. She had to meet Jane. Gathering her things, she said goodbye letting them know that she was on call tonight for mobile calls and headed to her truck.

Making her way towards Oakham Mount Elementary, she called Mac at the local auto parts store.

‘AutoWorld my name’s Brian how can I help you?’ a quick and rushed man answered the phone. Lizzy knew Brian all too well. They used to go to high school and then vocational school together.

‘Hi Brian, it’s Lizzy. Can I talk with Mac please?’

‘It’s about those cases he pushed onto Phil isn’t it?’ Brian asked as he tapped on a keyboard.

‘Yes and whatever you have left you can tell Mac to keep it. I don’t like to be overstocked and he knows that.’

‘Yeah well Mac’s busy right now with a customer.’

Lizzy let out a slight groan as she drove down the highway nearing the school.

‘Tell him to call me please. Oh and Phil isn’t coming back to pick up the rest of those cases. Give them to Dan. I want nothing to do with them.’
Brian let out a sigh before responding.

‘Yeah sure…I’ll tell him.’

Lizzy clicked off, turned into the parking lot and parked next to Jane.


‘You made it, awesome.’ Jane said as she was working on handouts for the Turkey Run.

‘Yeah you doing okay here?’ Lizzy asked as she took her coat off and set her things down on an empty desk.

Jane nodded while grabbing a huge pile of papers and handing them to Lizzy.

‘Here just count these to make sure I have 300.’

Lizzy huffed and began counting.

‘Everything okay?’ Jane asked as she grabbed a roll of tickets and set it into a wrapped box for the raffle.

‘I’m frustrated with Mac. He dumped his overflow on me again. I’m waiting for his call.’

Jane stifled a laugh as she continued working.

‘Well I’m sure it will work out. Have you heard from George?’

‘He text me earlier. The boys are good and I guess he’s over at his mom’s now with them.’

‘Well let’s hurry up and finish. I didn’t think I had everything prepared so far. This shouldn’t take too long. I just need to call some of the vendors and after we sort everything we’re done.’

Lizzy smiled.

‘Good then we can have lunch!’


Darcy decided to drive his SUV this time with Charles and Georgie. He could control his time out and make sure Georgie didn’t go overboard with Charles.Before they would do any shopping, Darcy made sure they would eat first and since he saw a small diner in town he decided to take them there for lunch. It began to snow again as Darcy pulled into a parking space. He rolled his eyes at the snow slowly falling onto his windshield before getting out. Once inside he was happy it was warm and not crowded. It was definitely a small diner having only four booths and seating at a counter. Only two older men were at the counter eating and two women in a corner booth quietly chatting amongst themselves. A heavy set woman with bright red hair in a loose bun from behind the counter smiled at the group and told them to seat themselves. Choosing a booth on the opposite side away from everyone else, Charles sat across from Darcy and Georgie happily looking around before grabbing a menu from the side of the booth by the napkin holder.

‘Looks like a good place to eat.’ He said as he opened the menu.

‘I hope they have something hearty. I’m starving.’ Georgie said as she perused the menu with hungry eyes.

Soon the red haired woman from behind the counter approached their booth getting their drink orders before heading to the booth where the two women sat.


‘Jane order whatever you want, it’s my treat.’ Lizzy said as she folded the menu knowing what she wanted.

‘Oh I was going to treat you for helping me.’

Lizzy shook her head.

‘I didn’t do anything. I just counted some paper and helped you carry things to your car.’

Jane smiled and didn’t respond as they were asked what they wanted by their server.

‘What will you have Jane?’

‘Oh let me try the pot roast today, Shelly. Thank you.’ She said brightly.

Shelly slightly bobbed her loose bun and then turned to Lizzy.

‘And you Lizzy? The usual?’

Lizzy nodded with a smile.

‘It’ll be out soon.’ Shelly said before leaving.

Lizzy started scooting out of her side of the booth.

‘I’ll be back in a minute Jane.’

Jane nodded as she played a game on her phone.

Lizzy headed towards the back of the diner passing Darcy’s party as she went to use the restroom.


I think I want to see what shops they have at the mall. I’m hoping for a Pottery Barn.’ Georgie said as she pulled her phone out to use Google.
Darcy rolled his eyes.

‘I doubt they have one here. You’re probably better off with Target this far out from the city. They don’t even have one in Fredericksburg.’

Georgie ignored her brother as she looked up the name of the local mall. Darcy was used to being ignored by his little sister, especially when he was irritable from not eating. Charles seemed preoccupied with his surroundings leaving Darcy to catch a glimpse of a dark haired woman walk by trailing a scent of a floral fragrance. He immediately kept his eyes on her as she disappeared behind a door marked Restrooms. For some reason the scent he smelled as she walked by caught him off guard and was heavenly to him. It wasn’t long before the door opened again and there she was.

Her long dark brown hair fell to her side and the sight of her creamy pale skin made him want to touch her. At that moment it was done, his eyes locked onto hers as she walked by. They smiled at him along with her lips as she darted past and back to her seat. Darcy’s breath was caught in his throat. He tried not to stare, oh he tried so hard, but he had to catch himself before fully turning around to watch her sit down. Charles noticed the exchange and before he could tease Darcy, he saw Jane.

Looking as gorgeous as the first time he saw her, he couldn’t swallow before his face became goofy looking. Georgie apparently was talking about the different stores she wanted to go to but looked up and noticed she wasn’t being listened to.

‘What happened to you two?’ She asked looking at them seeing them in a complete daze.

Georgie looked at her brother who was staring down at the table and waved her hand in front of his face.

‘Houston to Will? Are you okay?’

Will shook his daze off and biting his jaw tight. He nodded when he took his drink and took a long sip.

‘Hey…what about you Charles? You okay?’ George asked leaning closer to him waving her hand in front of his face. When he didn’t answer right away, she looked in the direction Charles was staring in and happily smiled.

‘Hey that’s your Jane!’ She quietly exclaimed to Charles.


Jane’s face was flushed when Lizzy returned. She could not believe who was sitting in the same restaurant as her. When Lizzy sat down, Jane leaned forward and quietly spoke to her.

‘Lizzy, don’t look but in the booth you passed on your way to the back, the gorgeous man I told you about is sitting there.’

Lizzy’s face lit up at the sight of Jane so excited.

‘Which one? The one sitting alone or next to the blonde?’

Jane smiled.


Lizzy remembered walking by them and catching a quick glance of at least the men. The woman was slumped over her phone so her quick glance was of a blonde head.

‘Very nice Jane. He is cute. You should go over there and talk to him. Is he looking over here?’ Lizzy asked with interest as she watched Jane try hard not to stare at him.

‘He was but now he’s talking to the other two. You know what I remembering those two being with him last night. I didn’t get their names or anything and it was dark but they look familiar.’

Lizzy grinned.

‘Well I caught a glimpse of the guys. They’re cute!’

Jane looked over again and caught Charles’ eye before he winked at her. Jane blushed while Shelly brought their food.

Lizzy smiled while she grabbed the ketchup and dripped a few fries in.

‘Jane…eat your food.’ Lizzy said playfully before she picked up her fried mushroom onion cheese burger and took a big bite.


‘Go talk to her!’ Georgie pushed as she handed Will her menu. Shelly smiled and walked away to put their orders in.

Charles looked over at Jane for a moment feeling giddy inside.

‘I think I will but she’s eating right now. I’ll do it before we leave.’

Georgie decided to leave the subject alone since she got a jab from Will’s elbow to calm down. The men sat and listened to Georgie talk about their plans but to no avail did they really listen. Charles was too preoccupied with seeing his angel again so quickly and with what to talk to her about when he went to see her and Darcy was preoccupied with the pair of lively bright green eyes he had seen in Jane’s companion. He was not like Charles to be walking up to anyone. Business was different from personal.

He debated if he would accompany Charles when he went to talk with Jane but quickly dismissed the idea. His thoughts were getting the best of him and soon he saw his food reach their table. Grateful for the distraction of eating and trying his best to pay attention to Georgie and her planning, Darcy sat occupied with his food.


‘You know Lizzy, I don’t have the best view but the guy with him is pretty cute too. I wonder if those two are a couple.’

Lizzy kept her eyes on her half eaten burger as she grabbed her diet coke and took a sip.

‘Probably Jane.’ She said as she set her glass down.

‘He’s more your type anyways. Tall dark and handsome.’

Lizzy turned in her seat and looked at him for a moment, embarrassing Jane when Charles smiled at Lizzy making her smile brightly in return.
‘Yeah but how tall is he?’ Lizzy quipped.

‘I can’t believe you did that!’

‘Oh Jane please, we’re not in highschool anymore. I can look at someone.’

Jane blushed as she finished her meal and sat back.

‘Please tell me he wasn’t staring at you the whole time you ate.’ Lizzy asked as she stood up and headed for the counter.

‘Oh shut up Lizzy.’

Lizzy rolled her eyes as she leaned against the counter trying to afford a better view of the men they were discussing.

Shelly came over slowly enough.

‘You want your usual for desert?’

Lizzy looked to her left and saw Charles trying hard not to stare at Jane. His blonde curly hair with his bright blue eyes shifted from his plate to Jane several times. He was good looking and definitely someone Jane would date. She liked the clean cut men and looking at Charles he was pretty well clean cut. Having on a cream v neck sweater with jeans and nice black leather coat next to him, Lizzy couldn’t help but approve. She tried to catch a quick glimpse of the other man sitting with him and saw his dark curly hair, and his profile being very refined. He was certainly handsome. And as Shelly was waiting for Lizzy to decide, she saw his dark chocolate brown eyes catch her own looking at him. She felt the urge to turn away quickly but before doing so, she gave him a warm smile. Turning back to Shelly, she said she would have the cheesecake. Shelly grinned and turned to grab the plate of cheesecake she had ready for her. Taking the plate she turned to go back to her booth and sat down.

‘Lizzy…you’re bad.’

Lizzy shrugged.

‘I’m okay with that.’ She replied before taking a forkful of the creamy, chilled cheesecake into her mouth.


Lizzy and Jane were enjoying a cup of coffee before heading home, while noticing the other party get up and leave. Georgie was ignoring the men’s weird behavior, saving her brother’s odd demeanor for later that night and writing off Charles as his usual self. Will went to pay for their meal as Georgie stood next to him on her phone. Charles decided to venture to Jane. When he reached their booth he smiled unsure if he was welcome.

‘Uh hi…Jane right?’

Jane took a moment before looking up at him trying not to smile too hard.


He only nodded. Jane lifted her hand to introduce her sister.

‘This is my sister Lizzy, Lizzy this is Charles a man I happened to run into at Lucas’ last night.’

Lizzy gave Jane a pointed look before smiling warmly and holding her hand out. Charles eagerly shook her hand and as Jane and him fell into easy conversation, Lizzy stole a look at Darcy who was timidly watching the display in front of him.

‘Are you new to town Charles?’ Lizzy asked as she turned her head back at him.

‘Uh yes I am. I moved just the other day to the Lakeside Pines area.’

Lizzy looked at Jane with a wide smile as her eyes got wide.

‘That’s a fairly new area. It used to be a large farm. Very nice area Charles.’ Lizzy replied before getting up.

‘Jane’, Lizzy said trying to grab her attention,’ I’m going to go pay.’

Darcy ad Georgie stood patiently near the entrance as Lizzy left her sister to her own devices. Darcy watched Lizzy walk up to Shelly and pull out her a twenty from her back pocket.

‘Here Shelly and keep the change.’

Shelly processed her payment and grabbed six dollars from the till safely tucking it into her apron pocket.

‘Thanks Lizzy.’

Darcy’s ears perked up at the sound of hearing her name. Lizzy. It sounded so perfect for her. He tried not to stare and decided to go out to the truck.

‘Georgie, I’m going to the truck.’

Georgie looked up from her phone and glanced over to Charles who was deep in conversation with Jane. She softly smiled and then followed her brother. Once outside Darcy took a deep breath and didn’t look back at the diner. Lizzy made her way back to Jane and Charles.

‘Ready, Jane?’

Lizzy slowly put her gloves on and wrapped her scarf around her neck. Jane beamed as she nodded. Charles looked at Lizzy and then back at Jane.

‘I’ll walk you out.’ He said with a smile and the three of them headed out the door.


The diner door opened and Darcy stood there by his SUV. Georgie finally put her phone away and stood next to her brother waiting for Charles to introduce them. Charles walked up with Jane and Lizzy in tow behind him to where Darcy and Georgie were waiting. Charles smiled brightly at his dearest friends and looked over at Jane standing next to him and Lizzy standing next to Jane.

‘Will, Georgie allow me to introduce you to Jane Bennet and her sister Lizzy. Jane, Lizzy these are my best friends, William Darcy and his sister Georgiana. We were just on our way to the mall to get shop for my new house.’ Charles said with a wide smile.

‘Yes I’m trying to help him bring life into the house otherwise white walls and mini blinds are about the extent of his interior decoration.’ Georgie said quickly.

Darcy stood looking at Lizzy watching her watch her sister with a small smile on her face.

‘It’s not a big mall but there are a few good stores in there.’ Jane offered.

‘Maybe you’d like to join us?’ Charles asked as he looked at both sisters.

Jane smiled.

‘I wouldn’t want to intrude.’

Lizzy wrapped her arms around herself and slightly rolled her eyes at Jane’s response. Georgie lightly touched Jane’s arm and encouraged her to join them. Jane looked at Lizzy and Lizzy put her hands up quickly. Darcy could not help but watch her expressions. They were different and new to him. He found her lively and found himself intrigued.

‘Go Jane. I have to go home and get some things around the house done.’

At hearing this Darcy was slightly discontent but controlled himself while standing there. Georgie looked over at Lizzy and smiled.

‘You both could show us around. Charles doesn’t know his way around here that well yet.’

Jane accepted and they decided they would all follow Jane and Georgie, as Georgie asked to ride with her, to the mall. Before Lizzy headed to her truck, Darcy turned to her and softly spoke.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to join us?’

Lizzy looked at him intently and smiled. Standing in front of her was an extremely handsome man. His tall frame and healthy build, his dark mass of curls on his head and his sexy dark brown eyes were on hers and not moving. She had to get away from him because before she would know it, she would make an ass of herself. She could feel herself blush an almost redden completely. She looked away before responding and held her breath.

‘No I’m okay I really do have things I need to get sorted at home. It was nice meeting you all. I’m sure we’ll see more of each other.’ With a pointed look and trying hard not to allow a huge smile to spread across her face, she turned to Jane and spoke. ‘Jane I’ll see you at home. Bye!’ And before anyone could respond or stop her she was off to her SUV.

Darcy watched her leave before getting into his SUV and following Jane to the mall.

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