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Why Did You Have To Be? **Rough Draft--Need Thoughts! Please Read**

December 20, 2018 04:51PM
Hello! I have not posted here for ten years and while I am trying to finish my first work, You Sang To Me, I have started another story that I would like to know if I should continue or not. I've worked on it for a few years now as my muse comes and goes as well as being a mom of three now I'm a bit overtasked. However, please read what I have and let me know if you like it or not. **Please note this is a roughdraft! I have more in the works but this is a chunk of what I have worked on that I need opinions on!**Thank you! Happy Holidays!
--BTW I'm posting two posts so you can get a good effect of the story.---

Part 1 of RoughDraft.

Fresh snow sprinkled the ground with a rush of a wintery breeze as the tires of the Mercedes Benz SUV turned to the left sharply at the corner of Milford Drive and Reaches Landing Road. Frustrated at the GPS system not being clear with the directions and unwilling to admit he was lost, William Darcy decided to go to the nearest gas station and figure out where he was.

He didn’t think he was too far from his destination which was his best friend’s new home in Meryton, VA. It was about an hour’s drive south from Washington D.C. where he lived himself currently in a townhouse that suited his needs for him and his sister, Georgiana.
Charles Bingley, on the other hand, had decided it was time for him to buy his own house and in the town of Meryton he found the perfect house to suit his standards and needs. As Darcy drove around trying to find this new wonder Charles had bought, he decided he would need to assess his best friend’s needs and standards and ensure Charles was on the right path. This was ridiculous in Darcy’s mind. He had been driving for nearly two hours trying to find this place that was only 15 miles west of Fredericksburg and not too far from Interstate 95.
Darcy grumbled to himself as he found a Shell gas station nestled calmly next to the road he shortly turned onto before the road turned to the right up a hill within a forest riddled wintery mass and pulled into an empty parking space. He kept the car running as the GPS calculated his route, being he was not going the right way now, and started instructing him to turn around. Darcy shut the GPS off with a quick push of the button and swore under his breath.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he then turned the car off and grabbed his leather gloves. As he got out of his SUV, he surveyed the gas station, noticing only two cars parked at pumps and another car on the other end of the lot covered in a couple inches of snow.
No one was outside as he made his way to the entrance. Inside it was warm and a bit tight with the shelving units stocked to the hilt with snacks, automotive care products, and the usual gas station items anyone would find. He went towards the cashier counter which was only a few feet from the front door and stood behind two other customers. The first customer, a teenager, was putting his wallet away and grabbed his Gatorade and Lays potato chips from the counter and turned to walk out as the older woman directly in front of him paid for her gas at pump 3 and then left to fill her tank up.

As Darcy walked up to the counter, he looked at the cashier. A younger man about twenty five with dark glasses a five o’clock shadow and in a red smock with the Shell logo on the left pocket.

‘Yeah what can I do for you?’ The cashier asked him with a bored expression as Darcy put his hands on the counter.

‘Hi I need to know how to get to Meryton from here.’

The cashier smirked and looked out the window as he pointed towards the side of the road where Darcy had come from.

‘’You’re going to want to take a left onto Reaches Landing here and go up the road for about five miles. It’ll take you right into town.”

Darcy thanked him and took off for his SUV. Once he settled in letting out a deep sigh, he quickly left the parking lot and headed down the road as the cashier’s instructions indicated.

Picking up speed, Darcy drove down the winding road and thought about how to thank Charles for such an adventurous afternoon.
Charles would think his drive down would be fun and more of a tour of the area than actually being too far from the city.
Charles was so excited when he found his new house. It was on three acres of land and it was a fairly large house according to him. Darcy had seen photos and approved of the house from what he saw.

He continued to drive on the road and saw a sign indicating he was now entering Meryton which was placed next to the stone bridge that was picturesque as though from a Thomas Kincade painting adorned with street lamps that had lights dancing in the snow fall.
As he crossed over the bridge, he saw the town straight ahead with small shops and merchants as well as various restaurants peppered throughout. It was small indeed but it was reminding him of Old Town Alexandria and the history kept throughout the centuries of this deeply rooted eastern shore had to offer no matter where you went.

He turned his GPS on and as it calculated the address Charles had given him, he looked around with a smile on his face. He actually liked the town. It seemed like a nice place to visit. Which was all he was doing here. He was resolved not to move here as Charles had casually told him to do.

No he had his own house in Great Falls which he was very happy with and would never part from. It was had been in the family for so long, there was no way he would sell. No matter how many offers he and his father had received in the past.

The GPS finally got its’ act together, according to Darcy, and routed him out of the small town and onto another road that seemed to take him past the more modern facilities and stores such as Wal-mart, Target, and a local shopping mall of which he made it a point to call Charles.


‘Charles, It’s Will. I’m just passing the Target. You told me to call you once I made it this far.’

‘About time. I was wondering if you were okay. You’re sister made it faster than you and I think she left after you.’

Darcy grumbled under his breath as he rolled his eyes and took the left turn as he was told to do.

‘Yes well I seem to have taken a scenic route. I think you gave me the wrong address since the GPS had a hard time finding it the beginning. I tried to call you earlier but you weren’t available.’

‘Oh sorry about that I was outside when you had called. I didn’t get chance to call you back. The movers just finished.’

‘I thought they finished yesterday.’

‘No no they weren’t able to get through with the snow fall from the other night. But they’re done now so it all doesn’t really matter. But I’ll see you when you get here! Oh and don’t forget the gate number it’s 58714.’

Darcy made note of it and signed off. Within moments he saw the grand sign made of flagstone and sleek letters in nickel finish with the name of the estates quarters ‘Lakeside Pines’. He grumbled a prayer of making it finally and turned into the spacious neighborhood. The homes were gated and spaced apart by at least a quarter of a mile apart in the first few houses as he drove along the roads. The further he drove on the more spacious the homes became apart from one another.

Finally after a few minutes of turning here and there, he came upon the street Charles’ home.

Punching the numbers for the gate, Darcy drove up the mild incline of a driveway and parked behind his sister’s car. The house stood around a vast expanse of land with a bank of trees on the right side of the house.

Grabbing the welcome home gift bag his sister and him had made, he walked up to the front door.

The house was a large gray stone stature that had with steep roofs in an English traditional style. It was impressive and Darcy knew it was Charles’s style of a home. The front door was a massive set of oak doors with a large glass inlay on the top set in a half arc and as soon as the front door opened, the large foyer enmassed with white marble floor opened to the grand staircase with deep plush navy carpet on the right hand side curving up the side of the house and the crystal chandelier of a massive size hung from the ceiling with a grand style.
Instead of Charles at the door, Darcy was smugly welcomed by his sister, Georgiana.

‘Get lost Will?’ ,she said with a smirk on her face, ‘Because I’ve been here almost forty minutes now. Already had the grand tour and a bite to eat.’

‘Then the house must not be as big as you thought and no I didn’t get lost, I was misdirected.’

‘Yeah okay. If misdirected is the word you like to use for lost nowadays I’ll remember that when I get “misdirected” to one of your luncheons with Rich.’

She stood back allowing her brother to come through and looked him over. Dressed in dark jeans, a tan pullover sweater and leather loafers.

‘Nice outfit’ she commented as he picked up the welcome gift bag. Darcy gave her a sharp look.

‘What’s that suppose to mean Georgie?’

She put her hands up and turned to lead him to the kitchen where Charles was.

‘You’re finally here! Glad you could make it.’ Charles said as he punched a text into his phone.

‘Don’t make a big deal of it. By the way, here.’ Darcy lifted the bag in his hands for Charles to see.

As Charles looked up from his phone and saw the bag, he smiled and as he finished with his phone he put it on the counter and grabbed the proffered bag from his best friend’s hands.

‘Thank you both! I appreciate it.’ He said after reading the card they had taped to the top of the bag.

He pulled out a welcome mat that said ‘Bingley’ on it, a couple of bottles of Dom Peri, and a four pack of toilet paper.

Charles looked quizzically at the toilet paper when Georgie spoke up.

‘Whenever anyone moves they never have it on hand and true to my point you don’t in any of your bathrooms. I’ve been waiting for this.’ She said as she grabbed the pack with her small, delicate fingers and started towards the hallway bathroom.

The men shrugged as Charles put the other items on the counter and went to a box labeled glasses and retrieved three champagne flutes.
‘So what do you think of the place now that you’re here?’ Charles asked as he washed the flutes in the sink.

kitchen had large beams across the ceiling with majestic dark cabinets to compliment the stone that flagged the walls. It was definitely a man’s kitchen. The Viking range and dual sub zero refridgerators. There was also a grill mounted next to the range. A humongous slab of black granite was centered in the middle of the kitchen as the island.

Darcy looked out the large window that hung from above the sink and countertop all the way to the sliding glass door halfway across the kitchen to the deck. The The view was amazing. It overlooked a vast lawn to the point of a lake that Bingley owned on his land.

‘So far from what I’ve seen it’s pretty nice. I see most of the furniture is set up. You just have to unpack boxes now huh?’

Charles shut the water off and wiped the flutes as he responded.

‘Yeah that’s it and grocery shopping. I’ve taken this week off to get settled in before I head out of town for this conference I have to host.’
Darcy leaned against the counter next to the stove and watched Charles pour the champagne into the three flutes.

‘I have to say I forgot to buy soap for your bathroom down here too Charles. You should never move in without soap, toilet paper, and towels on hand.’ Georgie said as she entered the kitchen.

Darcy looked at her intently.

His little sister was no longer little. She was quite mature for her age of 26. No longer are the days of pig tails and cute sun dresses. No instead standing before him was a mature independent and successful woman of 5’ 5” height long straigntened blonde hair blue eyes shining with her white bright smile and making herself comfortable on the kitchen counter across from her brother. She looked over at Charles as she placed her hands on top of her jean clad legs as she watched.

‘That’s a good staple to remember for when you move.’ Charles stated as he handed Darcy and Georgie their drinks.

‘To fresh starts, fresh snow, and the essentials!’ Georgie toasted before they all sipped their celebratory drink.

‘Ah! I’m excited to settle in. I’ve already been invited to the local Turkey Run they have next weekend. I think I’m going to go before I leave for New York.’

‘Turkey Run? What’s that?’ Darcy asked as he gave Charles a curious look.

He only shrugged and went to grab a brightly colored flyer from his stainless steel fridge.

‘I was given this by a very nice woman at the Wal-mart when I went to buy some light bulbs.’

He handed the flyer to Darcy.

Apparently the Turkey Run was a local event that was hosted by the two elementary schools in the area, Oakham Mount Elementary and Lakeside Elementary. They have vendors from town who sell art, crafts, food and have prizes for a door raffle. The main event was watching turkeys race in an indoor facility all for raising money for the elementary schools.

‘Charitable.’ Darcy said as he handed the flyer to Georgie.

‘What an interesting fundraiser. Better than the booklets they hand out where the kids have to go door to door selling things. I like this. I wish I could go but that weekend I’m going to Gettysburg with Felicity.’

‘You should come Darcy. Spend the weekend with me before I fly out.’

‘I’ll think about it Charles but I can’t promise anything.’

‘Well you’re more than welcome to join me. I should have the house in order by then. Come on I’ll show you around and then we can have dinner.’


After the tour of his new home and gaining Darcy’s approval, the three of them decided to eat in town at the local steakhouse, Lucas’s.

Charles drove them and when they parked Darcy mentioned that he would pay for their meal.

‘Well that’s awfully nice of you Will.’ Georgie said with a smile.

Darcy only shrugged.

‘Least I can do for Charles having us over.’

The restaurant was very refined with the old steakhouse feel of warm dark woods and paneled walls, beams against the ceiling and low lighting, a large fireplace in the main dining room large leather chairs and cream table cloths on the tables with candles inside rustic lanterns. It was almost a romantic rustic setting.

They were greeted by a tall, young, slender woman who had a bright smile and dark eyes and corkscrew curly hair.

‘Welcome to Lucas’s Steakhouse. How many are dining with you tonight sir?’ She asked as she greeted Darcy at the podium.

‘Three please.’

‘Right this way then if you will.’ She said with three menus in hand.

She led them to a table near the fireplace giving them a hearty advantage of the dining room.

‘This is one of our best tables in the house. I hope you enjoy your dining experience with us.’ She said as she handed everyone their menu and recited the specials.

‘My name is Lydia and your server tonight will be Kat. Is there anything I can get you to drink while you look over our selections?’

After procuring their drink order, she left them to look at the menu.

‘Very nice place, Charles. Have you been here before?’ Georgie asked as she looked over the steak selections.

‘No I haven’t but I was recommended the place by a co-worker who also lives out this way, actually in the same neighborhood as me.’
‘Very nice.’ She replied as her eyes never left the menu.


Darcy was very pleased with dinner as were the rest of the party. They were finishing their after dinner drinks, when Lydia came up to their table smiling and ready to assist.

‘I hope you have all enjoyed your meal? Is there anything else I can get for you before Kat brings you your check?’

Darcy, Georgie, and Charles were satisfied not to need anything else and with that Lydia gave a slight nod.

‘I will have Kat prepare your check.’ Before she could leave though, Charles stopped her for one question.

‘I do have a question for you if I may, I just moved into town and wondered if you could tell me anything about a possible catering menu.’

‘Well may I say welcome to Meryton then sir! We do have catering options available. I’ll bring over a pamphlet for you to look over. I’ll be just a moment.’

With that she left and told Kat to prepare their check and grabbed a catering menu from the hostess station.

‘Are you going to host another party?’ Georgie asked before she finished her Moscato.

‘I think so. I love parties and moving is just another reason to have one! I would love to have their food at my party. It was wonderful.’ Charles said as he sighed from being so full.

Darcy grinned.

‘I think that’s a great idea Charles, just be sure not to order too much food. You don’t want your guests to stay at your house overnight due to not being mobile from their eating.’

‘Ha ha, I think I can be selective enough to pick out the right options for them to enjoy.’

‘Here you go sir,’ Lydia said as she handed him the pamphlet.
Their server, Kat, then joined them with the check, handing it to Darcy. As he looked up he noticed that the two young girls in front of him looked very similar almost as though they were sisters.

Georgie had noticed it too and as she sat back in her leather seat, she decided to ask.

‘I’m sorry for coming out like this, but you two almost look like twins. Are you sisters?’

Kat, although a bit shorter than Lydia and with hazel eyes and not brown ones like Lydia, spoke up.

‘Uh yes we are. Not twins though. I’m older.’ She said proudly.

‘Ah…well you two are very pretty.’ Georgie said with a smile.

‘Thank you, ma’am.’ Lydia said as she received the check holder from Darcy.

‘I’ll run this for you sir and be right back.’ Lydia said and with that she was off.

‘We do have two older sisters though that don’t look anything like us.’ Kat said as she took their empty glasses. The comment threw Darcy and Charles off a bit but Georgie thought nothing of it.

‘I’m sure they are pretty as well. Do they work here too?’

‘Oh no. Jane is the eldest and she’s a first grade teacher at Oakham Mount and my other sister is Lizzy. She’s a me-‘

‘Kat hush. They don’t want to hear about us.’ Lydia scolded as she came back with Darcy’s credit card and a pen.

‘It’s okay.’ Georgie said, but it was too late for Kat to continue since she was rushed away to return the glasses and serve her other tables.
‘Well I think you are becoming quite amused with Meryton, George.’ Darcy said as they stood up to leave.

‘I think I’ll want to visit more than I said I would. No offense Charles. I just love being away from the city sometimes. It makes me yearn more for it.’ She winked to Charles as they wrapped up in their coats and scarves and headed for Charles’s car.

It was still snowing when they made their way to the car. As they were about to get in a woman got out of her KIA Optima and started for the door. She slipped, however, on the new snow right next to Charles and allowed her arms to fly above her in order to grasp balance.

‘Oh! Oh are you okay?’

He had grabbed her by the arm to steady her from falling.

‘Yes yes I’m fine. Thank you. Are you okay?’

A pair of bright yet dark blue eyes looked up into Charles’s own blue eyes and smiled.

‘Uh ye-yeah yeah I’m fine.’ he stuttered.

He didn’t let go of her, instead he held onto her arm a bit longer until she noticed and politely said she was okay.

‘Oh I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to-‘

‘It’s okay. I’m sorry but I’m in a rush…picking up a family member.’

‘Oh sorry…umm oh I’m Charles.’ He said with a goofy look on his face.

‘Nice to meet you Charles. I’m Jane.’

‘Well I hope to see you again…I’m new in town.’ He said with a dorky smile playing on his face.

‘Oh well welcome to Meryton then,’ she said as she smiled, ‘ I’m sure well bump into each other again knowing my luck with the snow. Have a good night!’

She waved to him and smiled at his friends before walking into the restaurant.

Darcy shook his head at the exchange while Georgie simply got into the back seat.

Charles slowly got into the driver’s seat.

‘Did you see her?’ He asked bewildered and eyes wide.

‘I think we couldn’t help but see it.’ Darcy muttered.

‘Stop Will. Maybe she’s the Jane our server was telling us about.’

Charles shook his head.

‘That was no first grade teacher…that was an angel.’

Darcy looked at Charles with a mild disgust.

‘Do I need to drive? Are you capable of getting us back to your place without getting us killed in this snow?’

Charles smiled and nodded.

Georgie giggled as they made their way back to Lakeside Pines Estates.


Lydia we have to go. I need to get home to help Lizzy with the books.’

Lydia calmly grabbed some menus and filed them away under the hostess stand.

‘I told you to give me a few more minutes please. I just had a few guests leave and I need to make sure Kat has everything in order before I go.’
‘Where’s Denny? I thought he was the shift after you?’

‘He’s not here yet, he called saying his car was having some problems. So George is bringing him in.’

‘Great…knowing George we’ll be here all night.’ Jane said frustrated while standing next to the podium fiddling with her keys.

‘No no I’m here I’m here.’ Came a deep voice from behind Jane.

Denny came forward with his tall scraggly frame while pulling off his winter hat and puffy gloves and quickly making his way to the host station. A large man behind him dressed in a dirty navy blue coat and his dark blonde wavy hair shaking off snow came up to Jane with a small smile.

‘I can’t speed in the snow, Jane.’ George said as Denny shook off the snow from his coat and went to put it away.

‘I need to leave, can you please make sure Kat is alright. She only has three tables left. She also needs to do her sidework.’ Lydia said to Denny as she grabbed her things. Denny nodded while Jane was talking with George.

‘I know you can’t speed but I need to help Lizzy with the books. I promised her to do them tonight. Aren’t you coming by in a bit anyways to pick up the boys?’

George slumped his large shoulders forward.

‘I am. I’ll be by around 8 to pick them up. Just let Lizzy know I’ll be there and to have them all ready. I have a busy weekend.’

Jane looked at him narrowedly.

‘I’m sure you do, just don’t forget their health insurance cards.’

George smirked as Lydia came up to them saying she was ready to go while pulling her hair from out of her coat collar. Jane stuck her tongue out at George and the two of them left.

Lydia was pulling her scarf around her neck when she heard Jane behind her.

‘I hope he won’t be late.’

‘I’m sure he will be since he’s only good for mechanical work and providing his DNA to the world. Other than that you can count on him to be late, never pay you back, and cheat you out of anything you have.’ Lydia said as she waited for Jane to unlock the doors.

‘Well that’s not very fair. I didn’t mean it like that. I was only talking about him being on time.’ Jane said as she looked at her sister standing on the other side of the car.

‘I am too.’’ She said with bright wide eyes,’ He’s a piece of work and not the priceless kind. Can you open the door please? It’s freezing out here.’

Jane shook her head as they entered the car.

‘You know he’s not a bad father.’ Jane said as she reversed the car from her space and made her way out of the parking lot.

‘Maybe not a bad father, but not a good daddy. Don’t forget why Lizzy and George are no longer an item. There is a good reason for it and I’m not wholly against George, I just know he’s trouble. ‘

Jane stayed silent. She didn’t need to be reminded of George’s bad habits and trouble making behavior.

Deciding to change the subject, Jane offered to take Lydia home before going to school.

‘No it’s okay I have a clinical I need to prepare for and you dropping me off will give me enough time to change into my scrubs and speak to my professor.’

‘You’re almost done you should be happy about that.’ Jane said with a sympathetic smile.

Lydia pulled the visor mirror down to check her lips and eye liner as she responded.

‘I am totally. I just want this to be over with. I have a lot to prepare for and mom is trying to get me into the ICU department at the hospital all before I graduate. Ugh, just a couple more months then I can quit the restaurant.’

‘I’m sure Mr. Lucas isn’t happy to see you go.’ Jane said as she turned onto the main highway to get to Lydia’s school.

‘No but I have to make something of myself. I want to be a nurse. I want to go to a restaurant not work in one. But I am pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself.’ She grinned as she gathered her things together.

Jane pulled up to the entrance of Lydia’s college, Hunsford College of Nursing.

‘Kat will pick me up. Thanks for driving me Jane. Tell the boys and Lizzy I said hello and give them my love.’ Lydia said as she exited the car and carefully made her way into the building.

Jane watched her make her way inside and then drove off for home.

She was imagining Lizzy getting her boys ready for their father to pick them up for the weekend. She loved her nephews so much. They were funny, lively, and adorable. It worked well with Jane living with Lizzy and the boys.

Jane had been living with them for nearly nine months now since George was kicked out. Jane had needed a place to stay since her last apartment’s lease was up and she wanted to move, the timing couldn’t be better for them since Lizzy kicked George out and was in need of someone to rent out one of the bedrooms that was her three year olds room. Now her five year old and her three year old shared a room while Jane took the younger’s room.

The house was small for the four of them even when George lived there it was small but it worked out. Lizzy was renting the property which was in an older neighborhood with quiet neighbors. A small white ramber with black shutters adorning the traditional windows that had the usual kitchen with an attached dining area, living room and three small bedrooms, two bathrooms as well as an unfinished basement with a half bathroom and a large laundry room enough for storage and keeping organization of dirty clothes always needing to be washed.

When Jane pulled up to the house she parked in her usual spot in the driveway right outside the unattached garage and went into the house by the side door that led to the basement stairway and the cozy kitchen.

‘Lizzy I’m home!’ Jane called out and was greeted by the sight of little Cooper sitting in his chair at the wide black rectangle shaped dining table enjoying his snack of graham crackers and juice.

‘Hi Cooper…did you miss your auntie Jane?’

She gave Cooper a kiss on top of his dark curly brown mass atop his head and then moved into the living room to find her oldest nephew, Cole, playing on the living room floor with his cars and trucks.

‘Hi Cole, where’s mommy?’

Before he could answer, Jane heard her sister’s voice calling from the basement stairs by the kitchen.

‘I’m here, Jane, I’m here. Just put a load of laundry in and grabbed this finished load from the dryer. Never ending laundry. Maybe I should open up shop huh?’

Jane turned around to see her sister come from the kitchen and set down a fully loaded hamper of clean clothes onto the dining room table.
Lizzy, a short 5’4” woman with dark green eyes, curvy yet chubby build and long dark brown hair clad in a dark gray well worn sweatshirt and black sweat pants started with the laundry as she warmly greeted her sister.

‘I see you haven’t got the boys ready for George when he comes.’ Jane said with a slight frown.

‘No no I did. Their bags are on the bench by the kitchen door. I’m just trying to find Cooper’s blanket before he gets here.’ she stated as she quickly roughled through the clean clothes in the basket on the table. Jane watched her sister quickly work at finding the much needed blanket and sat down on one of the kitchen table chairs with a grumpy sigh and holding onto to Cooper.

‘I saw him at Lucas’s when I picked Lydia up. He had to drive Denny in since his car broke down apparently.’

Lizzy shook her head with a smile.

‘I told Denny to bring it in and I would fix it for him. He just won’t listen to me.’

‘Yeah well I think it’s more the money than having you fix it.’

Lizzy shrugged while her eyes widen at not being able to find her son’s blanket.

‘I have payment plans. Besides, I don’t think the problem is pricey. Just that he’s stubborn.’

‘Perhaps, ‘Jane said as she played with Cooper’s curls until he bat her hand away, ‘he doesn’t care about the car enough to fix it. Since George is living with him now he probably relies on him to take him around.’

‘And they can keep each other company with those ideas and behaviors I want nothing to do with them.’ Lizzy replied as she found the blue blanket with airplanes on it and went to the diaper bag to place it inside.

Lizzy turned around and sighed.

‘I think I’m ready for some hot chocolate. Want some?’ She asked her sister brightly as she went to the stove and grabbed a pot to fill with water before turning a gas burner on.

Jane nodded, set Cooper into his chair seat, and entered the living room to see how Cole was doing.

‘Did you tell Lydia her car will be ready tomorrow?’ Lizzy called to Jane.

Jane closed her eyes at forgetting that piece of vital information.

‘No I forgot I’m sorry. I was a bit distracted when I got there. I bumped into someone in the parking lot.’

Lizzy’s ears perked up as she started folding the mound of laundry that over took her dining table.

‘Did you now? Who?’ Lizzy asked with her an arched eyebrow while folding a large fluffy blue towel.

‘I don’t know exactly but I know he’s gorgeous and his name is Charles. I nearly busted my head open in the parking lot with the snow being slippery and he grabbed my arm. Beautiful blue eyes. He’s new in town apparently.’

‘Apparently.’ Lizzy said with a grin while she picked up a couple of white socks and played with them in her slender fingers before folding them into themselves and tossing into the basket.

‘Did he ask you for your number or you his?’ She said her eyes never leaving her chore of clothes.

Jane looked up from her hands that were perched on the back of Cooper’s chair and sighed.

‘Tsk tsk Jane. You obviously were peaked with interest. I’m surprised he didn’t ask you to marry him right there. What a story for mom.’ Lizzy said as she side glanced her sister to see her reaction.

‘Stop it. I’m sure I’ll see him again if I’m supposed to. I’d like to….’ She said her voice trailing off.

‘Well I guess I don’t need to ask if you happened to remember to pick up a pizza on your way home from this delightful encounter?’ Lizzy asked as she heard someone at the kitchen door knock.

‘Damn…’Jane mumbled under her breath.

Lizzy laughed.

‘Good thing I ordered!’ She exclaimed as she grabbed the money sitting on the black corain countertop next to the stove and opened the kitchen door.

Upon opening the door Lizzy quickly found it was not the pizza she expected. Instead it was George.

‘Oh hi, you’re early.’ Lizzy deadpanned as she scooted back into the house towards the basement steps to George come inside. She quickly put the pizza money in her pocket and shut the door behind George.

‘Yeah I had to take Denny to work as I’m sure Jane told you and then I stopped to get some gas. You doing okay?’

Lizzy shrugged as George stood in the kitchen looking for the boys’ bags.

‘Same since we last talked George. Nothing new and doing good. I’ll get the boys ready for you. Their bags are there on the bench.’

George turned to the black bench beside the kitchen door and saw them sitting there ready to go. His eyes were then grasped into the kitchen’s warm embrace. It had been a while since he was last inside the house. He usually met Lizzy at the corner Wawa gas station or their shop to get his boys. He noticed the kitchen’s usual honey colored oak cabinets that stretched to the ceiling and the black corian countertops. The kitchen was neat and fairly spotless. The warm yellow light over head of the sink made the cabinets brighten and cozy. There is a window over the sink and a teal, yellow, and gray curtain in a chevron pattern framed the window. The blinds were partly shut to give privacy, albeit, the yard in the back was spacious and led only to tree lined neigbor’s yard. He focus moved across the kitchen to the black gas stove which boasted a pot of water almost boiling. Above the range, a brightly colored backsplash of gray, teal, and white little tiles and a wooden sign that with the same coloring saying:

Bless The Food Before Us The Family Beside Us And The Love Between Us Amen

Next to the stove a large teal untensil crock held all sorts of wooden and plastic utensils then a knife block besides that with cutting boards behind the block. His gaze went back to the other side were the usual hodgepodge of mail and junk was stored and usually one of his mechanic projects lay about on a strip of countertop where it was now uncluttered. It had three glass containers with flour, sugar, and brown sugar on the counter next to a kitchenaid mixer he knew her mother and father bought her for her birthday last year in a teal color sitting there. Lizzy enjoyed baking and cooking so he saw she finally made a spot for her own projects where his would have been. On the other side of the sink closer to the black KitchenAid fridge he stood near by the bench, a Keurig coffeemaker sat with a k cup holder full to the brim of the different flavored coffee the women drank.

His eyes finally moved to the dark wooden floor and saw two gray plush rugs on the floor by the stove and sink. He shook his head…she was moving on. He looked up at hearing Lizzy call their boys.

‘Cole come your daddy’s here.’ Lizzy said as she grabbed his coat and Cooper’s.

Cole quickly turned the corner and went straight for his father’s arms.

‘Hi buddy. You all ready for a weekend with daddy? I have a few things planned for us.’

Lizzy zipped up Cole’s coat and went to get Cooper dressed as she gave George a pointed look.

‘The boys ate already and had baths. Cole don’t forget to brush your teeth tonight and George don’t forget to brush Cooper’s teeth tonight please…if you don’t mind.’

George nodded as he grabbed the bags and headed out the door to load them into the car before getting the boys into the car.

‘Now be good for daddy okay?’ Lizzy said to Cole as she kissed him goodbye and then to Cooper who Jane was holding while Lizzy fitted Cole’s hat onto his head.

‘Have fun!’ Jane said as she handed Cooper to Lizzy and watched them go out the door.

When the boys were safely into George’s Ford Explorer, George turned to Lizzy. Seeing her stand back on the stoop with her arms rubbing her arms he felt moved to say something. He opened his mouth.

‘Don’t.’ Lizzy said putting her hand up before wrapping her arms tightly around herself to keep the chill out.

‘I was only going to ask if I could call you later to talk.’

Lizzy looked at him with a hint of anger.

‘Talk about what? We’ve done that the past six months. There’s nothing to talk about. You find a lawyer and I’ll find a lawyer and we can work something out that way. Other than that I have nothing to talk to you about.’

‘Come on, ‘He said while placing his hand on her arm, ‘We shouldn’t be like this.’

‘I think we’re great this way, ‘ she said with a upbeat voice, ‘It’s been coming a long time now and I’m ready for the change.’

‘I see you’ve changed a lot since I’ve left.’ He said leaving Lizzy to wonder if his tone was bitter or sad. She refused to respond and only looked at him mentally urging him to leave.

George looked into her eyes. He stood much taller than her almost a head taller and with his built frame and hazel eyes, anyone could see that he was good looking, but as far as his personality was, he was a bit too much the partier and womanizer. After what he had done to her and the boys, of which the boys knew nothing about in particulars to be concerned, she was at peace knowing that she was never going to be with him again.

George could see that she was unrelenting tonight and let go. He shook his head and got into his truck.

‘I’ll call you if anything happens which it won’t but I’ll be back Sunday night with them.’

Lizzy nodded and watched him pull out of the driveway.

Jane was inside making the hot chocolate as Lizzy quickly came inside to get warm.

‘Who knew it would snow before Thanksgiving and this much! In Virginia…where it hardly snows!’

Jane smiled and handed her a cup of creamy hot chocolate.

‘Thanks’ Lizzy said as she grabbed the cup and headed to the dining room table.

‘’You ready to help me with these accounts? I hate doing this but I have to. I need to make sure I can give Todd and Phil bonuses this year. They’ve done so much especially with me taking time off to handle George and the boys.’

Jane smiled as she sat down across from Lizzy with her cup of hot chocolate, her pen, calculator and the books Lizzy kept as a hardcopy of the finances with her auto shop.

‘Never been more ready!’ She said and sighed as they started.

‘Well I’m not but we can get this done quickly and then watch a movie before I head to bed.’

‘So long as you promise to help me tomorrow with the Turkey Run prep I’m fine.’

Lizzy turned in her chair and looked out through the living room picture window where her large couch sat under and saw car lights pull into the driveway. Setting her pen down, she held her hands up from the table.

‘Wait…grab some plates…pizza’s here.’ She said with bright eyes while pulling out the pizza money out of her pocket and went to the kitchen door.

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