December 06, 2018 02:14PM
"Your face: an angel's gift to thee" -- LOL! Sadly, he would probably think this paean only his just due.

O Baronet! (O Tannenbaum)

NN SDecember 06, 2018 11:30AM

*cackles* (nfm)

NickiDecember 11, 2018 03:57PM

Re: O Baronet! (O Tannenbaum)

EvelynJeanDecember 09, 2018 02:03AM

Re: O Baronet! (O Tannenbaum)

Maria VDecember 08, 2018 07:34PM

Re: O Baronet! (O Tannenbaum)

CarrieAnnDecember 06, 2018 02:23PM

Re: O Baronet! (O Tannenbaum)

Shannon KDecember 06, 2018 02:14PM


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