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November 19, 2018 03:26PM
This is something I first posted in another establishment. Holiday theme.

It was early June when Darcy noticed that his wife was paying increasing attention to him, nearly to the point of obsession.

Not that he minded, but he suspected there was an ulterior motive behind the fact that that they had returned to the early days of their marriage.

One rainy afternoon as they were lounging in the study after a rather passionate interlude, he gathered up his courage and decided to find out why.

"Don't you want our little boy to have a brother or sister?" came the reply.

He smiled, thinking of their 18-month-old toddler. "Of course I do, but why now?"

"Do the math."

He thought, and Elizabeth could tell when the moment of realization struck him.

Easter, and the annual trip for Aunt Catherine's mandatory Easter dinner.

Darcy was now a man on a mission.

Their daughter was born a week before Easter. Big brother wasn't overly impressed with the newcomer, and Darcy and Elizabeth were too tired to even determine the hour of the day, let alone the day of the week. But it was indeed a happy Easter.

A distance away, after making certain Aunt Catherine was nowhere near and her lackey, Collins, even further away, Richard Fitzwilliam pointed out to everyone else in attendance the suspicious timing of the arrival of the newest Darcy. As a result, a great deal of math was done among various Fitzwilliam, Darcy, and DeBourgh relatives.

As more great-nieces and nephews started appearing right around Easter over the next few years, Aunt Catherine figured it out. Outwardly she was upset. Inwardly, she was rather proud. She always did like to be of use.


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