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Kindly Relations Chapters 57 and 58-complete

July 03, 2018 05:51PM
AN: Well, we've come to the end of my story. I am glad so many of you enjoyed the mixture of characters. These final two chapters wrap up most of the current crop of romances. Thank you again for your lovely supportive comments. They helped me improve the story, I think.
Chapter 57

At the ball the next week, while Lydia and Margaret Dashwood were speaking, Walter Chester came up with another young man in tow. The young man looked very like Chester but was slightly taller and thinner. Chester said, “Miss Lydia, Miss Dashwood, my I present my brother Edward? He has just arrived in town.”

Greetings were exchanged, and while Walter asked for two dances with Lydia, Edward asked for one with Margaret. As they danced, Margaret said, “So, I understand Mr. Chester is very interested in horses. What are your interests?”

Edward replied, “I am only interested in maximizing the yields from my estate. We were lucky that our father was able to procure an estate for me when I was young. It is not too far from our main home. About a year ago, I began to assume responsibility for the estate. We are trying to modernize some of the farming methods in order to improve yields and therefore profits for the estate and the farmers.”

Margaret thought about that as they continued to dance. “That actually sounds quite interesting. But how do you go about doing it?”

They spent the rest of the dance with him explaining some of what they were trying in various parts of the estate. She finally asked, “Is Mr. Chester going to try something like that as well?”

Edward said, “Not really. Father is doing a bit, but Walter really wants to bring in some horses and breed those. I think we have some land that might suit, so that is what he is considering.”

“And you do not care for horses as he does?”

“Not really. I like a fine draft animal for the farm or a good mount, but I do not want the bother of breeding and training them. However, I do not mind improving the conditions of the farms or the stock on them. That’s different.”

All the girls found this ball to be lots of fun since each seemed to have an admirer. Elizabeth Elliot arrived to show off her betrothal to Sir Adam. Both Anne and Mary had been invited to the wedding, but Elizabeth would not have an attendant. She did not want to share the limelight with anyone else.

When Caroline saw Elizabeth Elliot, she offered her best wishes, then said, “So, you will be moving to Edinburgh after the wedding trip?”

“Yes. We will journey to Somerset so I can oversee having my things packed up and shipped. Then we will travel through England to see some of the stately homes before going on to Edingburgh. By August, we will be hosting an angling party, so our travel needs to be complete by then.”

Caroline said, “I understand that Sir Adam hosts a number of parties throughout the year.”

Elizabeth smiled. “Yes, I expect it will be quite a busy social round.”

Elizabeth Darcy joined them. “I hope you will be able to stop by Pemberley on your way north. We would love to have you visit.”

Elizabeth Elliot considered the importance of the Darcys before replying, “Why, thank you Mrs. Darcy. I am sure we would love to.”

Mary Beaumont and Letitia Raynor were watching all this. Mary said, “Elizabeth is certainly talking more with our friends and family than I have ever known her to do. Her betrothal must have made a difference.”

Letitia said, “I believe you have spent more time with her this past week than in many years.”

“Yes, that is so. Anne has as well. Elizabeth isn’t any more personable, but she does seem a bit more relaxed and has more to say.”

Marianne Brandon and Mary Musgrove visited as they watched the dancing. Marianne said, “I am glad we were able to bring Margaret. I suspect she has truly enjoyed becoming friends with all your sisters. They are such nice women. She has never really had friends of her own age. She has been much alone, I’m afraid.”

“Yes, they are a nice, welcoming group. It seems Lydia’s friend has introduced his brother to Miss Dashwood. They seemed to get along well during their dance if the animation in their faces as they talked is any indication.”

Marianne said, “I hope for her sake that she finds someone who helps her find happiness. When I was younger, I let an infatuation blind me to what is really important. But Colonel Brandon has brought more happiness than I probably deserve.”

Jane Bingley had walked up to join them. “Oh, I think all of us deserve to have a generally happy life. There will always be challenges, but facing them with the right person at your side makes all the difference. Look at how our father has absolutely blossomed since marrying his new wife. She is a much better partner and companion for him than our mother was. Mother tried, but her limited understanding did not allow her to be a true partner to him as Cassandra is.”

Mrs. Dashwood, who had been listening to these conversations, began to contemplate having someone at her side again. As she considered that it would be nice to have someone else share her burdens, Mr. Beaumont walked up and asked her to dance. “We are never too old to enjoy the music. Please humor me.” With a smile, Mrs. Dashwood agreed.

Although she had already promised the supper dance to another, Margaret danced a second dance with Edward Chester. They also spent some time talking together. He was an earnest young man who had an impish sense of humor. He amused Margaret with tales about his childhood during their second dance.

Mrs. Dashwood sat at supper with Mr. Beaumont. They spoke of the challenges they had faced when their spouses had died and of the excellent matches their children had made. Marianne and Mary Musgrove watched the two for a few moments before Marianne said, “I hope that is what it seems. Mr. Hugh Beaumont is so very nice to Mary that it reflects well on his father. If his father is interested in my mother, I think he might make her very happy.”

Mary said, “Lincolnshire is rather far from the two of you, though, isn’t it?”

“Perhaps, but I suspect they would travel to visit rather often. His son is taking on more of the management of Edlington Beck, so I suspect he is now free to travel if he wishes. If Meg ends up with someone like Mr. Edward Chester, with whom she has now danced twice tonight, well, they will have to travel to visit her as well.”

“Our family is now so scattered that we can best visit here in London during the season. At least most of us can get here at least on occasion. And Longbourn is near enough that we can visit before heading home if we have not coaxed father to come for a day or two.”

Marianne considered this information. “That may be a good solution, at least for as long as Arthur is in Parliament.”

Chapter 58

The next week, Sir Adam and Elizabeth had their wedding, followed by Amanda and Sir Walter. As if that was the catalyst everyone needed, over the course of the next few weeks, each of the couples came to an agreement. All of them decided to marry in London during May. The Sinclairs and Elliots did not stay for the other weddings. They left immediately after the Sir Walter’s wedding for their wedding trips.

Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove came from Somerset as quickly as they could after Louisa sent news of her betrothal. The Hursts and Bennets also came to celebrate all the weddings. With their arrivals, there were new babies for everyone to coo over and lots of introductions as Cassandra Bennet had not met all the extended family. Mr. Bennet wanted to meet his daughters’ young men before the weddings, so at least they had a few days to become acquainted.

Because all of the girls had come out together, all wedding trips were postponed until June when everyone would begin leaving London in any case. They wanted to celebrate together. Louisa Musgrove and Cortland were the first in the parade of weddings of all the friends. They were followed the next day by Catherine and Captain Fitzwilliam. He had been a daily visitor which Catherine found charming. They had quickly come to agreement after finding how very much they enjoyed each other’s company.

Next came Lydia and Walter Chester, then Henrietta and Gerlach. The most elaborate wedding was that of the Earl of Leicester and Georgiana. The day after Georgiana Darcy became Georgiana Townsend, last of the group was Margaret Dashwood who spent the month of weddings becoming closer to Edward Chester. It seemed that the first few of the other weddings gave them an incentive to join the rest.

As Mrs. Dashwood and Mr. Beaumont became better acquainted, they determined that they would also find happiness together. They wed quietly just before it was time to return to Edlington Beck for the summer. John Dashwood was as pleased as anyone that his father’s wife was finally in a comfortable situation again. Although he had agreed with Fanny’s suggestions about caring for his sisters and their mother, or rather not really caring for them, he had never been entirely comfortable with the way he had broken faith with his father.

Amanda delivered three sons for Sir Walter to match the three daughters that his first wife Elizabeth had provided him. As she was far more practical than he, she managed to put his finances in order, increase the satisfaction of his tenants and staff at Kellynch, and increase revenues from the estate and investments. She was also quite adept at managing Sir Walter, so much so that he never noticed it. The Kellynch left to his heir was on much firmer foundations than when she married Sir Walter.

The naval Captains continued to climb through the ranks with both enjoying much success. As children arrived, both Anne and Catherine stopped traveling with their husbands. They lived together in a large home near Portsmouth until their husbands retired. Then, they each purchased estates further north where they could more often visit the Bingleys, Darcys, and Fitzwilliams.

The politicians served for many years and managed to help move legislation through Parliament that tried to promote a better life for the working classes. None were too proud to associate with trade and found many opportunities for their own investments among such friends.

All of the estates managed to provide comfortable lifestyles. Everyone visited often with annual trips for part of the season in London, shooting and house parties, and a varied social life.

Lady Sinclair loved her new situation. She was never known for her warmth or friendliness, but she found Edinburgh society a stimulating addition to all the diversions at her home. Since Sir Adam brought her to London every other year, she felt she had finally found the life she had always deserved. She was almost pleasant with her sisters when they encountered her. She never bothered to return to Kellynch.

Cassandra Bennet added two more sons over the next couple of years. The three boys helped Mr. Bennet become even more involved in estate management and succeeded in increasing the yield from the estate. The younger boys followed their older half-brothers into service, both joining the navy and serving under either Fitzwilliam or Wentworth.

All of them continued to enjoy one another’s company through the years seeing the spring months in London as the opportunity for regular family reunions. Each of the families added children until most of them had between four and eight children. Eventually, the rounds of presentations and completely busy seasons began again as the younger Gardiners, and then all the next generation, came to London in search of partners. 

Kindly Relations Chapters 57 and 58-complete

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