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Re: Kindly Relations Chapters 37 and 38

May 29, 2018 06:56PM
Tee-hee! Thank you for the scene with Elizabeth Elliott and Lady Milton. I didn't think of the mean-girl or queen-bee dynamics, but they both fit it perfectly. This is the second time Elizabeth Elliott has heard herself described in less-than-glowing terms. Only she (and her father) would find a way to dismiss such sentiment, but I guess that's like folks today dismissing criticism from "haters." (I. LOVE. IT.)

Aww, Mary and her Aunt Philips. Even if they weren't close previously, I love that Mary is trying and that Aunt Philips is more open to ideas of being involved in the community than Mrs. B was.

I've never felt as sorry for Mr. Rushworth as I did in this chapter. (I mean that generally; I felt bad for him when I read MP, but I felt particularly bad for him here, as you cleverly painted the gossip that surrounded Maria's elopement and the social ramifications it had for him.) I'm glad everyone thought the Dashwoods were nice girls, even considering Maryanne's spectacle with Willoughby. Will we hear any more of them later on?

Thank you for another set of chapters.

Kindly Relations Chapters 37 and 38

ShannaGMay 29, 2018 04:53PM

Re: Kindly Relations Chapters 37 and 38

BrigidMay 29, 2018 06:56PM

Re: Kindly Relations Chapters 37 and 38

ShannaGMay 29, 2018 11:08PM


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