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First Words - Part 2

April 12, 2018 09:29PM
AN: I had originally planned on only doing a One Shot, but then this idea kept bouncing around my head. I hope you enjoy!

With all the excitement surrounding the appearance of soul marks on the two eldest Bennet daughters, it is somewhat excusable that Mr. Bennet failed to mention the imminent arrival of his cousin, and heir, Mr. William Collins. So it was that on four o’clock on the day of his arrival, not a single member of the Bennet family came out to greet the clergyman.

If Mrs. Bennet or either of the two youngest Bennet daughters had been home, his carriage would have been spotted from the drawing room window. As it was, only Mr. Bennet and his middle child, Mary, were at home. After having his trunks removed from the carriage and placed by the door, Mr. Collins finally rang the bell. A confused Mr. Hill showed Mr. Collins to the master’s study.

Mr. Bennet had completely forgotten that he should have been expecting his ridiculous cousin. Fortunately for him, Mr. Collins was incapable of being offended. When Mr. Bennet explained that his wife and daughters were in town making preparations for the upcoming wedding of his two eldest daughters, who had recently found their soulmates, Mr. Collins began expostulating on the blessing of finding a soulmate, and his continual search for his future companion.

Unknown to either gentleman, Mary Bennet was at home, and found a need to compare some writing from Fordyce’s Sermons with the referenced scriptures in the family Bible. The Bible was kept in her father’s study. As she approached the study, she was surprised that the door was open and her father had a visitor. Not wanting to interrupt, Mary stood by the door, waiting for a break in conversation.


“Hill, why is there a pile of luggage sitting in the front yard?” Mrs. Bennet asked while her and her daughters were having their outerwear removed.

“It arrived with the gentleman currently visiting with Mr. Bennet,” was the simple reply.

Confused as to why a gentleman would bring luggage, Mrs. Bennet asked about the name of the caller. Being told that it was Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet could only conclude that he had brought his luggage in an attempt to move into Longbourn and stay until the day came that he would inherit.

When Mrs. Bennet flew off in a huff in the direction of Mr. Bennet’s study, all of her daughters followed her. The eldest two in an attempt to calm their mother down until they could learn more about the unexpected visit; and the younger two because they thought it would be interesting to watch. Mrs. Bennet didn’t even see her middle child standing in the hallway outside the study door. Jane and Elizabeth followed their mother into their father’s study.


Not wanting to crowd into the study, Kitty and Lydia were content to remain by the door. They were a little surprised to find their sister Mary eavesdropping at the door as well. Brushing up against Mary, Kitty was the first to notice that some writing had appeared on Mary’s arm.

“What is that?” Kitty asked, pulling back her sister’s sleeve a little further. For a moment all three girls were speechless as Kitty continued to pull on Mary’s sleeve. Writing was wrapped around and around her arm, starting at her wrist and working its way up. None of them had ever even heard of a soul mark of such length. Lydia jumped in, pulling the sleeve up even further. They had pulled the sleeve up the elbow, and the mark just kept going.

“How long has he been talking?” Lydia asked with a laugh.

Her exclamation drew the attention of everyone in the room. As all eyes turned to Mary’s arm, she looked up, meeting the eyes of the man that could only be her soulmate. Letting out a very quiet “Oh,” Mary surprised everyone by falling to the floor in a faint.

Mrs. Bennet was ready to forgive Mr. Collins anything.


To everyone’s relief, including Mary, Mr. Collins had not come in an attempt to move into Longbourn before his time, but to meet his family and heal the breach that had existed between them. He was only too happy to spend his days describing his home, and Rosing’s Park, to his future wife. Mary was happy to hear the descriptions.

Although Kitty and Lydia were known to laugh at the fact that Mary’s soul mark covered her entire arm, and Mr. Collin’s was only two letters long, it soon became clear that their dispositions were well suited to each other. Mary liked searching through sermons, and was happy to have a listening ear that would repeat anything she told him. Mr. Collins liked having a woman tell him what to do and say, so that he did not have to spend the energy to think for himself.

First Words - Part 2

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