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Re: The Curse Chapter 23

December 05, 2017 04:41AM
I'm very worried Collins will transport someone somewhere random! Not sure who would be the worst person to go! Possibly the best would be Darcy and Elizabeth finds him and flies him back! I'm very much hoping that Darcy and Elizabeth actually talk and reach an understanding soon! I'm very curious how (or if) the curse will be lifted. I'm half hoping that Elizabeth will be left with being able to voluntarily transition to dragon - not the removal of being a dragon completely.

Jane better say yes to Charles soon as well!

Looking forward to the next post!

The Curse Chapter 23

Autumn DNovember 30, 2017 01:45AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

Michelle AnnDecember 05, 2017 04:41AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

KateBDecember 02, 2017 03:36PM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

Sabine C.December 02, 2017 08:50AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

EvelynJeanDecember 01, 2017 04:42AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

Linnea EileenNovember 30, 2017 04:25AM

Re: The Curse Chapter 23

Maria VNovember 30, 2017 07:59AM


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