August 11, 2017 09:49AM
Blurb: When it's early in the morning, the author can't sleep and said author is appalled at what is being sold on a shopping channel.



"Terrible. Wrinkled."

"And that is just on the hanger."

Will Darcy walked into his living room and his jaw dropped. There sat two women he thought were sworn enemies, but they seemed to be getting along just fine at the moment.

"Somehow people are buying this. And for that price? Are they mad?"

"They have no taste, none whatsoever."

He continued to stare.

Finally, his presence was noticed.

"Hello, sweetheart!"

"Um, what I have walked into?"

Elizabeth beamed. "Shopping channel fashion critiquing! It is a lot of fun!"

Aunt Catherine mumbled something about superior fashion design.

He stayed still.

Someone bustled into the room. "Well, I've got the popcorn! Let's carry on!" Anne exclaimed.

Will ran upstairs. He only returned when he felt it was safe, which was the next morning.


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Re: Fashion

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There are those, I suppose....

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