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Re: An Even Path: Post 6

June 13, 2017 04:45PM

I'm only now getting around to reading An Even Path's new posts, and I'm so happy you included the prologue from the previous version! Elizabeth fighting for her life at the same time as Will's loosing his parents and all tied up by the Gardiners... I loved it then and I love it even more now.

By the way, so good to see the police inspector's orange pencil again! Like Will, I'm not sure why it mattered so much that you kept that piece. I only know that this kind of zooming in the most insignificant detail of the whole disastrous scene is just the right way of describing Will's degree of shock and hurt and desperation. Well done, truly.

I think I'll save the rest of the re-reading for later, when you post it in the 2nd site. My time is hardly my own these days... But if the first post is any indication of what's next, you're doing a great job, Bernadette. Just pay attention to typos, if you can - or ask your beta to check them for you.

Thank you!

An Even Path: Post 6

BernadetteEJune 11, 2017 03:52PM

Re: An Even Path: Post 6

jancatJune 13, 2017 11:52PM

Re: An Even Path: Post 6

BernadetteEJune 14, 2017 01:49AM

Re: An Even Path: Post 6

LilyJune 13, 2017 04:45PM

Re: An Even Path: Post 6

BernadetteEJune 14, 2017 12:17AM


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