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Archive Correction Request

June 13, 2017 01:16AM
Firstly, thank you Karentea! I always appreciate your feedback and am so happy you're enjoying the reread!!

Also, thanks for pointing those out. Yes, there shouldn't be sunlight if they have an ice storm (oops!). Dear mod, if you could please change the sentence below to:

There were no antiques oak tables, or horsehair couches. The furniture was youthful, and decidedly modern, with clean lines and sleek details.

And in post 5: "Sandra married George's uncle Jack"

Thank you! smiling smiley

An Even Path: Post 4

BernadetteEJune 11, 2017 07:16AM

Re: An Even Path: Post 4

KarenteaJune 12, 2017 06:32AM

Archive Correction Request

BernadetteEJune 13, 2017 01:16AM


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