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June 08, 2017 04:22AM
Lynette: I'm thrilled you read the chapter more than once! Very excited that you're looking forward to reading a full length Georgiana and Tye piece. I'm really enjoying writing it, and look forward to sharing the rest of it!

Lily: Lily, thank you so much for leaving such incredibly kind feedback! I was looking forward to hearing what you thought! It's really a lot of fun to write pieces that take place in the worlds of music and dance. I'm also so glad you liked the description of Georgiana's playing; there will be lots more of that as the story goes forward!

Maria V and Trish1006: I don't have enough words to say thank you that! I'm also not quite certain if I could make the alphabet interesting, haha winking smiley But truly, I'm so thrilled to hear you think Tye and Georgiana are realistic, and that the dynamics between them are compelling. Thanks for sticking with this piece, and for leaving your thoughts!

I'm really looking forward to sharing the next chapter with everyone! I should post An Even Path at some point this weekend (hopefully), and I'm aiming for the next chapter of Love's Adagio on the 18th.

Thanks again! smiling smiley

Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

BernadetteEJune 05, 2017 04:45AM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

TarynJune 09, 2017 11:12AM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

BernadetteEJune 19, 2017 04:22AM

Responses smiling smiley

BernadetteEJune 08, 2017 04:22AM

Re: Responses smiling smiley

amfJune 08, 2017 02:13PM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

LynetteJune 05, 2017 11:55PM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

Lily - not logged inJune 05, 2017 11:54PM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

Maria VJune 05, 2017 07:37PM

Re: Love's Adagio: Chapter 3

Trish1006June 06, 2017 05:32AM


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