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Can I Claim for My Heart - Chapter 27

April 29, 2017 07:43AM
Hi, apologies for not posting sooner - cam shocked to see that it is well over a year since the last post! Life has been very hectic but am now trying to sort things out, so this is a priority. Hope that you enjoy smiling smiley


Liz spent the next few hours wondering why on earth Will had agreed to come to the dinner. At one stage the thought crossed her mind that perhaps Will liked her, but she quickly dismissed that as nonsense. Think about it, she was in her 40’s, average looking, a social “no body” as far as he would be concerned, and had children to boot! He did not even know her personal situation for gosh sake.

By the time the children had arrived home from school the only conclusion that she could reach was that he was put on the spot and he felt that he had no option but to initially accept the invitation. Therefore she had no doubt that he would contact her in the next few days and feign some reason why he couldn’t come, or maybe just not turn up at all.

Liz was so sure that Will would not attend the dinner that she did not even bother sending him the details or mention it to the children. However, Friday arrived and she still had not received the declinature that she was expecting so, as the children were eating their breakfast, it was with some trepidation that Liz brought up the subject of David’s birthday dinner.

“Honey”, she said, turning to David, “As you know, I have arranged for us to go to Vapy’s tonight for dinner, and then on Sunday Grandma, Grandpop, Nan and all of the others are coming here for a special birthday lunch for you”.

“Yeah. Can I eat whatever I want to at Vapy’s? I want to have everything!” he said enthusiastically, opening his arms wide as if trying to indicate how much ‘everything’ was. Although he was only turning eight, David was already showing signs that he would have a typical teenage boys appetite in the years to come.

“Well, lets wait and see – you know what happens when your eyes are bigger than your tummy!”. Liz hesitated and then continued, “Um, we may have a guest join us for the dinner”. Neither child said anything so she continued, “he is someone that I know – his name is Mr Darcy”.
Sherie, who did not appear to have been paying attention earlier, now looked up. “Who?” she demanded.

Liz repeated again, “Someone that I know. His name is Mr Darcy. He is very…nice… and he is looking forward to meeting you both”. Liz hoped that her voice would not betray the little fib; she did not at all think that Will was looking forward to anything. “He said that he would like to come to dinner with us, but as he is a very busy man he may not be able to make it – I am just letting you both know that he may be there”.

Neither child said anything so Liz turned to David, “that’s if it ok with you. It is your special birthday dinner so if you don’t want him to come then I will uninvite him”. She was clutching at straws, hoping desperately for a way out of this. It was her sons choice and if he didn’t feel ok about Will attending then she would have no hesitation in letting him know.

David, who was kind hearted, answered that it was ok and asked if Will played football - Liz responded that she didn’t think so.

Her daughter however was not so calm. She stated quite firmly that she did not see why Mr. Whoever he is was coming to David’s dinner. “Why did you invite him?” she demanded to know. And to David she screamed “Why would you say that it is ok for a stranger to come to your dinner?”. Then back at Liz “He could be anything – we could be kidnapped, tortured, murdered. Don’t you care about us?”.

Liz had expected some resistance from Sherie, but was shocked by such an outburst, and David started crying. The situation had become completely out of control and Liz felt like crying as well. “Hush” she hissed at Sherie, “look at how you have upset your brother. I am appalled at your behavior.” Liz turned to David, who had stopped crying but looked like he was on the verge of breaking into tears again at any moment. “David, as I said before Mr. Darcy is a nice man. And you know that I would never let anything happen to you or Sherie. If, however, you do not want him to come to dinner with us then he won’t come. It is as simple as that. You just need to let me know.”

David did not comment further. The usual getting to school rush then began and Liz did not have time to think about Will until she arrived home from school drop off. As she tidied up the breakfast dishes she wondered out loud what she should do – and came to the conclusion that she should do nothing. Wait and see. Liz was still convinced that Will would either contact her with his cancellation excuse or she would not hear from him at all – and that was fine with that.

Will did contact her later that afternoon, not by calling but by text message. Liz smiled and as she saw who the message was from – here we go! She opened it and was stunned to read Will’s request for the address and booking time. Her heart started beating faster as she responded with the details and hit the send button. She could just see him now, checking out reviews on the internet.

The children arrived home from school tired and slightly grumpy after a long week. Liz reminded them not to get too comfortable as they needed to get ready for dinner, however as it was a Friday she allowed them to relax a little before hurrying them off to get dressed. Once they were in the car and on their way Liz told them that Mr. Darcy was now definitely going to be joining them. Sherie let out an audible sigh and asked again who he was and why he was invited; David asked if he would bring a present.

Liz tried to stay calm as she told Sherie that he was going to be there whether or not she liked it, and advised David not to expect a present as that was impolite and greedy, and she was sure that Mr. Darcy would not know what to bring. She then reminded both children to mind their manners, eat properly, and be polite Five minutes later and the car was parked, and they were being led to their table by a waiter.


Will left work later than he wanted to, and decided that he did not have time to go home and change out of his suit. The restaurant was on the other side of the city and he knew that the traffic would be brutal on a Friday night. It was worse than usual and he cursed as he realised that he was going to be late. He wondered what Liz’s children would be like. He did not really look forward to meeting them - he spent plenty of time with his nephews and niece but they were family and he felt awkward around other children. Also the thought of meeting a moody (or so he assumed) teenage girl filled him with dread.

Finally his GPS indicated that he had arrived at the destination, however being unfamiliar with the area Will missed the carpark entrance and had to drive around the block in order to make his way back. Another curse issued from his mouth and he reminded himself to not let his annoyance make him disagreeable. He parked the car and went to the front of the restaurant, however before entering he took a look at his surroundings and checked out the menu that was displayed on the outside wall. Will felt a sudden wave of distain as a family pushed past to get inside and he again admonished himself – it was a family restaurant after all.


As it grew later Liz began to doubt that Will would actually show up. The children were hungry so she had already ordered drinks and starters and they were discussing what they would have for the main course when she saw a waiter approaching their table, with Will following behind. Liz suddenly felt nervous and very apprehensive – and he was not only in a suit, but was wearing a tie as well. Geesh, he was going to be disappointed if he thought this would be a fancy place.

Will stopped when he reached the table and started fumbling with his cufflinks (yes, Liz was surprised to see those as well). She looked up at him and he smiled weakly; he had a sudden desire to excuse himself and say that he couldn’t stay, however Liz gave him a little smile and gestured to the chair next to her. Will sat down a bit too abruptly, nearly losing his balance – when he had corrected himself he looked up to see two sets of eyes staring at him from across the table. A few seconds of awkward silence followed, and then Liz turned to Will and said, “These are my children, David & Sherie”. Then, looking at the children she said “This is Mr Darcy”. They continued to stare at him for a few more seconds until Will, sensing that he should make the first move, said “Hi, call me Will”. David was the first to speak. “Hi Will. I mean Mr Darcy” he said, noticing the sharp glare from Liz. “Do you like football?”

Will didn’t know what to say. “I…I”, he stuttered, not expecting to be quizzed so early in the night. However David was not really interested in a reply, he just wanted to keep talking. “My dad liked football” he continued. Hearing this, Liz felt her heart start pounding. Sherie did not say anything however she gave David a sharp elbow which caused him to cry out in pain. Luckily the starters arrived just then and David was distracted from saying anything further. Liz could not tell whether or not Will had heard the comment – however if he did, it was to his credit that he had no reaction.

By the time that the main meals came Will had taken off his coat and loosened his tie – to Liz’s quizzical look he explained that he had come straight from work. He ordered a beer and, although the atmosphere was a bit stilted, he started to feel a little relaxed. Even though the food was average family fare and the venue was crowded and noisy he had to concede that it was nice. Much better than sitting alone at home with his cat. He and Liz talked a bit, about how his week had been, the weather, nothing in particular, just general chit chat.

Trying not to be too obvious he studied the children - David was lively and a bit like a jack in the box. No doubt he kept Liz on her toes. Sherie was quiet – she had hardly said a word, and either had her head down or was staring at him, which was unnerving and slightly uncomfortable. He concluded that she was moody and sullen – not unlike how his sister had been at the same age. He guessed that she and Liz clashed a lot.

It was not until dessert was served that Will remembered what was in his coat pocket. He put in his hand and carefully pulled out a small wrapped package and handed it to David. “Happy birthday”, he said. “Yeah, you brought me a present”, the boy gushed, a little too loudly. “Will, you didn’t have to bring him anything”, Liz whispered. The wrapping was quickly discarded and when David looked at what was inside he shrieked with glee, “Yeah, a Micoton. That’s what I wanted. See mum, I told you about them. See…look” he put it in front of Sherie to show her, but she pushed it away.

Liz was impressed that Will had known what the buy an 8 year old boy, but then she checked herself – of course he would have sent his assistant or someone out to buy it. They would have wrapped it too. He probably didn’t even know what was in there!!


They left the restaurant (Will did attempt to pay the bill, but of course Liz resisted) and went to the carpark. When David saw Will’s sporty car he wanted to go for a ride in it, suggesting that Will could drive him home. Liz had no intention of allowing this and told David that this was not going to happen as Will did not live near them and to divert to their house would be out of his way.

Will was caught off guard by the child’s request and mumbled that of course he could drive David home, provided that it was ok with his mother. Due to his age, by law David still had to sit in a special booster seat, which needed to be securely fastened inside the car, so Liz used that as an excuse. Alas, it was to no avail – Will confirmed that his vehicle had the required fastenings; his sister had arranged them as he sometimes had to drive her children around. So Liz agreed that, as it was his birthday, Will could just this once drive David home.

Liz and Sherie drove off first so that Will could follow – the girl remarking to Liz that this might be the last time that they would ever see David. Spooked by that thought, Liz noted Will’s license plate details, and kept glancing in her mirror to make sure that he was still following, her heart in her mouth the whole time. After all, she had just entrusted one of her most precious possessions to a man that she really knew very little about. Both mother and daughter remained silent the whole way home!

Can I Claim for My Heart - Chapter 27

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