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Tea Parties

April 04, 2017 06:14AM
DNA: This piece of fluff just popped into my head. So here it is.

It began with a forgetful father.

Fitzwilliam Darcy was returning home after a trying morning. After he had ridden into Lambton on urgent business he discovered he had forgotten the documentation he needed, and thus he had to make the trip twice.

Upon his return to Pemberley Darcy was in a slightly surly mood. Tired and dusty, all he wanted was a quick wash, a change of clothes, and a glass of port. Instead, on the way to his room he was ambushed by a pair of fine eyes. These eyes had the notoriety of being attached to an escapee from the nursery.

“Tea, Papa!” the three-year-old cried, as she took his hand and led him to her tea party.

As it was well-known that the word “No” had diminished from his vocabulary since his abductor was born, he found himself in the nursery, joined by his little girl and two of her dolls. Where the nurse was (mending clothes and distracted by a footman watching her from the hall), let alone his wife (at the lake watching tadpoles with their firstborn and Pemberley’s heir), he had no idea.

Miss Darcy, delighted that she could have her father all to herself if she could find him, began looking for him to attend tea on a regular basis. Consequently, it was not long before the Master of Pemberley was unavailable for a certain hour on Tuesdays due to a scheduled appointment which was cancelled only for illness, said Master of Pemberley being away on business, or dire unforeseen circumstances.

Several months later, Mrs. Darcy was hosting several callers from the neighborhood. Master Darcy and Miss Darcy were in the morning room to be introduced to the visitors as the newly-promoted Brigadier General Fitzwilliam entered the room. Miss Darcy was overjoyed.

“Nel! Nel! Tea!” the soon-to-be-four-year-old cried, as she took his hand and led him to her regularly-scheduled tea party with Papa and her dolls.

To the stunned audience, Mrs. Darcy explained that “Nel” was one of Miss Darcy’s first words and when she began to say it everyone knew who she meant because Colonel Fitzwilliam was one of her favorite people. As well, no one knew how or if “Brigadier General” would be adapted to suit her tastes. (Mrs. Darcy did not mention that mercifully “Nel” was spoken after “Papa”, otherwise there likely would have been bloodshed.)

The ladies in attendance collectively sighed. A recent heiress and cousin of one of the Darcy neighbors sighed the loudest and 6 months later she and “B. Nel” were married. Upon the birth of their first daughter, the Darcys sent a lovely tea set for Mrs. Fitzwilliam and another for Miss Fitzwilliam. One of Miss Darcy’s other favorite people, Uncle Earl, having been part of two of her tea parties, was looking forward to when his granddaughter was old enough to have tea parties of her own.

The Tuesday appointment continued through 3 daughters and 17 years. Darcy nearly wore black when his last daughter decided she was too old for tea parties. Not to say that his other 2 sons were not welcomed, because indeed they were. However, Mrs. Bennet would have been appalled if she had ever known he danced when his 5th and 6th children were girls. And while Mrs. Darcy was in labor with their second son (child #3) and his third daughter (child #6) he had the benefit of tea parties to attend that distracted him for at least some of the time.

The granddaughters could not come fast enough.

Tea Parties

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