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ALERT: Proliferation of Aliases

March 16, 2017 04:07AM

We can't help but notice that, of late, there seems to be a number of people who've been posting with aliases.

We're always thrilled to have new members join our ranks (or even long time members who've decided to take the plunge and come out of their lurker status) BUT, we have a guideline. And that is for all members -- registered or unregistered -- to post with a REAL name.

We realize this is a bit of a unique rule for the Internet. However, from the beginning, it was felt that by using real names we would be able to form a civil, friendly, and tight-knit community. As DWG enters its 20th year, we think that creed has held true and we'd like for that tradition to continue. smiling smiley

So please post and post often. But when you do, post with a real name. smiling smiley

Many thanks,
Your Moderators

ALERT: Proliferation of Aliases

Amy I.March 16, 2017 04:07AM


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