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Mission Accomplished/Hex-fecta

December 08, 2016 05:33PM
A few things: (a) not my best work, but (b) I don't care, because (c) hex-fecta!

I'm all for proper pacing, so I'd be willing to keep this on ice until December comes around next year, slowly tinkering with it as my brain works out improvements EXCEPT this completes my DWG mission. When I started posting, I gave myself the goal of writing something for each of JA's 6 published novels. This little ditty for S&S achieves my hex-fecta! (Seriously, though, there's a better name for this, right? What do other people call it?)

Now I may honorably retire with a proud sense of achievement. Not that I necessarily will, but I could.

Dashwoods Through the Snow

NN SDecember 08, 2016 05:32PM

Re: Dashwoods Through the Snow

RoxeyDecember 09, 2016 05:54AM

Re: Dashwoods Through the Snow

Shannon KDecember 09, 2016 03:04AM

Re: Dashwoods Through the Snow

ShannaGDecember 08, 2016 08:41PM

Re: Dashwoods Through the Snow

LucieDecember 09, 2016 11:49PM

Mission Accomplished/Hex-fecta

NN SDecember 08, 2016 05:33PM

Re: Mission Accomplished/Hex-fecta

Diana TDecember 08, 2016 08:00PM


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