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Re: Special License

December 03, 2016 05:17PM
In real life, it wasn't done for show. It was done for necessity or convenience.

And sometimes the reasons were not something the parties would want bruited about.

Let's suppose that they'd anticipated their vows, that the lady was showing, and that, in consequence, they wanted a small private ceremony outside of church. Then they'd get a special license from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Let's suppose that, for some reason or another (maybe they'd already married in Scotland, but just wanted to renew their vows according to the Anglican rites), they didn't really want their marriage publicized, but they were getting married in their own parish, in church. Then they might apply to the local bishop for a common license.

But, unless I'm totally off-base, even new money wouldn't spend unnecessarily just to prove they had the money to spend.

That Mrs. Bennet wants her daughters to get married by special license was, I always concluded, meant to be an indication of her lack of understanding, like her not being able to comprehend the legal knot behind an entail.


A Kindly Aunt 37 & 38

ShannaGDecember 01, 2016 10:31PM

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BrigidDecember 04, 2016 04:21AM

Special License

BiancaDecember 02, 2016 07:33AM

Re: Special License

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ShannaGDecember 02, 2016 09:06PM

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Re: Special License

EvelynJeanDecember 04, 2016 06:01AM

As well...

PeterDecember 03, 2016 09:31PM

Re: A Kindly Aunt 37 & 4

EvelynJeanDecember 02, 2016 05:59AM

Re: A Kindly Aunt 37 & 4

Lucy J.December 02, 2016 05:40AM


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