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Re: Special License

December 03, 2016 04:12PM
to me, special license is shorthand for look, I have arrived. I have connections and am not trade. That is what I think of when anyone uses a special license. It is a signal of being one of the upper class. I my story, Findlay would not have needed it. I posit that Bingley wanted one to show that he could get one. I agree that if you have money, you should not waste it, but I think of it, at least in this case, as relatively new money showing they have arrived and Findlay going along with it. I always assume it is really done for show whenever I see it in a story

A Kindly Aunt 37 & 38

ShannaGDecember 01, 2016 10:31PM

Re: A Kindly Aunt 37 & 38

BrigidDecember 04, 2016 04:21AM

Special License

BiancaDecember 02, 2016 07:33AM

Re: Special License

ShannaGDecember 08, 2016 08:45PM

Re: Special License

ShannaGDecember 02, 2016 09:06PM

Re: Special License

Jim D.December 03, 2016 01:06AM

Re: Special License

ShannaGDecember 03, 2016 04:12PM

Re: Special License

Maria VDecember 05, 2016 05:47PM

Re: Special License

Jim D.December 03, 2016 05:17PM

Re: Special License

EvelynJeanDecember 04, 2016 06:01AM

As well...

PeterDecember 03, 2016 09:31PM

Re: A Kindly Aunt 37 & 4

EvelynJeanDecember 02, 2016 05:59AM

Re: A Kindly Aunt 37 & 4

Lucy J.December 02, 2016 05:40AM


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