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It's fixed!

June 16, 2015 08:30PM
You omitted a space between the colon and the P. When lumped together, the board code recognizes it as a inserting a smiley face.

: P - spaced apart

tongue sticking out smiley - not spaced apart

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Jane and the Hidden Hoard 1-3

Sarah WaldockJune 15, 2015 08:33PM

Re: Posting

Sarah WaldockJune 16, 2015 07:27PM

Re: WHAT HAPPENED to my 'P'????? (nfm)

Sarah WaldockJune 16, 2015 07:28PM

It's fixed!

Amy I.June 16, 2015 08:30PM

Re: Bless you! (nfm)

Sarah WaldockJune 17, 2015 01:19AM

Re: Jane and the Hidden Hoard 1-3

ShannaGJune 16, 2015 05:47PM

Re: Jane and the Hidden Hoard 1-3

Kathy BerlinJune 16, 2015 01:20PM


Maria VJune 15, 2015 11:25PM

Re: Jane and the Hidden Hoard 1-3

Jim G.MJune 15, 2015 10:49PM

Re: Jane and the Hidden Hoard 1-3

Teresa DouglasJune 15, 2015 09:43PM


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