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Re: slang question

July 24, 2022 09:35PM
I was a graduate student in math at the time, so I find it hard to believe we were cutting edge! We used it in a more technical way than other people, as the numbers represented standard deviations, with the numbers going from 0 to 10, 5 being average. Outside the department I never heard it used to describe anything other than appearance (which is how we started using it) but we used it for lots of things, including rating movies, restaurants, and so on.

There was no actual upper or lower limit for us, but for a normal distribution being three standard deviations above the mean occurs just 3 times in 1000, so a 0 or 10 just didn't happen in practice, although I can recall a really bad movie being given a -10. And since not everything is normally distributed, there were occasionally technical disagreements about a score.

The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

LilyJune 17, 2022 10:22AM

where is Frederick?

Gloria L.July 18, 2022 03:47PM

I watched it! Spoilers ahead smiling smiley

LilyJuly 16, 2022 09:30PM

slang question

HarveyJuly 17, 2022 01:31PM

Re: slang question

LilyJuly 18, 2022 11:11AM

Re: slang question

HarveyJuly 24, 2022 09:35PM

ETA Trigger warning for the movie

LilyJuly 16, 2022 10:06PM

Re: The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

NobukoJune 19, 2022 02:18PM

Re: The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

Gloria L.July 16, 2022 05:57PM

Re: The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

LilyJune 20, 2022 10:08AM

Re: The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

Maria SousaJune 18, 2022 03:26PM

Re: The new Persuasion movie - thoughts?

HarveyJune 19, 2022 04:19PM


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