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Re: Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

May 02, 2022 05:25PM
Hi Michelle!

While I can't answer your questions, I do know that author Sarah Waldock (who used to post her works here in the ANI Board) has extensive knowledge of the Regency era and more.

I found an old message here in the Tea Room where she gave her e-mail, though I don't know if it still works

She also has a series of blogs, this one dedicated to history

and this one where she posts a preview of her published works, so it's updated more regularly and if the email doesn't work, you could always leave a comment in one of her posts here

She's always been very helpful here whenever someone had a question related to historical trivia.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

MichelleRWApril 27, 2022 02:49AM

Re: Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

LilyMay 02, 2022 05:25PM

Re: Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

HarveyApril 28, 2022 06:09PM

Re: Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

AlidaMay 16, 2022 09:43PM

Re: Servants, Baggage, and Carraiges

HarveyMay 18, 2022 05:42PM


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