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looking for a story

April 14, 2022 09:57AM
so i read this darcy and elizabeth story a couple of months a go and ive searched everywhere but its not coming up anyways so in it eizabeth visits pemberly with the gardiners in the winter dary is on a horse ride and sees elizabeth standing on a frozen lake the ice cracks and she falls in darcy runs and saves her and puls her out he brings her to pemberly and calls a doctor she gets really ill and hes not sure if shes gonna survive he calls mr bennet to pemberly eventually she gets better though

looking for a story

madmaxApril 14, 2022 09:57AM

Re: looking for a story

Kathy tMay 23, 2022 03:58AM

Re: looking for a story

kathy taylorJune 03, 2022 03:15PM


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