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Looking for a Regency story

January 28, 2022 04:04PM
Bennet is a silent business partner with Gardiner (including hotels) and both are very wealthy. B inherits a dukedom unexpectedly and both he and G have mansions in Mayfair (?) He invites the Bingleys to his introductory ball to show them what they discarded. Caroline insults both Jane (she a lady - a lady of the night perhaps!) and the Duke (you can't be the duke, you're a nobody). When asked to leave, Hurst tells Louisa he is divorcing her and they must leave his house that night. Next morning Caroline tries to stab Elizabeth but is knocked out by E's bodyguard, ending up in a Bennet cellar. The 3 Bingleys board ship for the US, with an insane C tied to a stretcher.
Does this sound familiar to anyone, please?

Looking for a Regency story

sandymJanuary 28, 2022 04:04PM

Re: Looking for a Regency story

Sandy CJanuary 28, 2022 05:43PM

Re: Looking for a Regency story

sandymJanuary 29, 2022 11:12AM


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