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P&P Story Prompt

October 04, 2020 06:46AM
I have only read a couple of regency era novels, so I am not confident in my ability to write a fanfic of my own. Yet I had a plot idea that won't leave, so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if it finds a home.

While Mrs. Bennet is pregnant with her second child, she and Mr. Bennet are in a carriage accident. Mr. Bennet is very badly injured and it is believed he will die of his injuries. Between the accident and her husband's state, Mrs. Bennet goes into early labor. Because of her fears relating to the entail, she lies and tells everyone her child is a boy, Elias. Mr. Bennet is bedridden for several months but eventually recovers. Mrs. Bennet keeps E's gender a secret even from him. She tends to Elizabeth herself, nursing, feeding, bathing, changing. Everyone believes it is due to her nerves and paranoia about losing the child, but really it's to hide the gender, because how can she reveal the initial deception? She tries for a real son, but ends up with three more daughters.

So, how does this change things? How old is E when she learns she's a she? Does Mrs. Bennet tell her? Does she go swimming with some boys and realize there are differences (which she instinctively hides)? How does she handle puberty? Does she take over the estate from her lazy father so that the family has a better economic situation? How does this change her relationship with her Father (who is kept ignorant)? In my view, she isn't actually trans (though that would be an interesting variant. She and Charlotte could scheme to marry to hide E's gender and give Charlotte the security of her own estate. One or both could be lesbian. Or neither. But that's another story).

While E enjoys the better utility of boy's clothes while growing up, for running and climbing and riding, she is jealous of the pretty things her sisters wear and how long they can grow and style their hair. And she wants to be a wife and mother someday. She schemes to see her sisters well settled then run away to somewhere no one knows her so she can start over as Elizabeth Bennet and make her way in the world.

But it all has to be hidden. Her only confidants who know she's a girl are either Jane, and/or Charlotte. As a boy, she's in a better position than in canon to rein in the three younger sisters, and maybe help them to be more sensible (maybe. I'd like to see Mary more sensible, I think she just needs attention and education. Lydia, though...). E can do anything the boys can do, drink with the best of them, is an excellent gambler, well-educated, etc. So she will get a different perspective of Wickham and Darcy, maybe hear locker room talk from Wickham, so she knows right away he's a cad and predator, and can protect Lydia. (I'd like to see Lydia avoid marriage with Wickham). Elizabeth understands Darcy's reserve better due to matchmaking mamas. Etc. So will there be a Twelfth Night-type situation between her and Darcy? Or something else?

Does anyone like this idea? Let me know.

P&P Story Prompt

JilianOctober 04, 2020 06:46AM



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