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Sorry for the delay

June 24, 2020 09:41PM
I am back home now, but we started to slowly integrate back into the workplace. I worked all day Monday and Tuesday in the office. That refrigerator after three months. *shudder* it was gross.

It's quite exhausting to wake up,shower, put on clothes, blow dry your hair, and drive to work. Definitely not as easy as quickly putting on a button down shirt over your pj's if you have a video meeting.

I have gotten more of Chapter 13 written, but it has become a thorn in my side. If I was a superstitious person...

I will not be ready by tomorrow, but I will hopefully post this weekend or early next week.

Sorry for the delay

LizzySJune 24, 2020 09:41PM

Re: Sorry for the delay

BrigidJune 30, 2020 08:21PM

Re: Sorry for the delay

LizzySJune 30, 2020 08:40PM


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