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Fearful Symmetry lives again! YES, it's true! (x-posted to last FS inquiry)

June 01, 2020 08:41PM
My dear Fearful Symmetry fans,

I haven't died (thankfully!), but we went through quite the dickens of a half-decade when my hubby and I moved across state lines, had two babies while living quite far from family (hence no breaks or free time), and worked our tails off for a few years to bury grad school debt. I'm excited and thrilled to be getting back to writing after such a haitus. My elder boy is now five, and my littlest is now 17 months and getting more independent and sleeping through the night (FINALLY), so mommy has had time to write and edit again for the first time in literally years. I thank you for your tremendous patience--and I'm delighted to announce that Fearful Symmetry has popped, fully-fledged, back into my active writing life. I'm also excited to announce that Quills & Quartos Publishing contacted me, quite out of the blue, in March of this year, and they are offering to publish it (e-book and traditional paperback) in March of 2021!

I am tremendously grateful for each and every one of you encouraging me on this ride of a story, which started in 2012, went to sleep, and revived briefly in 2014...only to be picked up again half a decade later. Your feedback was AWESOME, and my betas hold my heart (and I'll be reaching out to you gals to be sure I can get you a print copy once it's here, just as a thank you!).

Sadly, I have had to contact Crysty & Co. about taking the story down here soon, only because Amazon "fishes" online to see if stories have been published anywhere else before agreeing to put it on their Kindle platform. Personally, I would wish to leave the half-finished version here because it's just so fun to read the parts where Elizabeth and Darcy get to face the fire together and immediately recover, with closer intimacy. I promise in the full novel that that intimacy only grows, even as Elizabeth's situation grows a bit more desperate.

If you'd like to follow the publishing journey for this novel, and you're on Facebook, I have an author page under Gailie Ruth Caress - Author. I'll be hosting a few fun Austenesque contests there once we hit publication to try to get some free copies into your hands, because I love my DWG crew. I also anticipate posting here on DWG again, just for fun, because as I write, I get one-shot ideas that are delightful, but don't fit into my Fearful Symmetry world... Those will be fun!

I thank you all again and again from my heart!

Fearful Symmetry lives again! YES, it's true! (x-posted to last FS inquiry)

Abbie C.June 01, 2020 08:41PM

Re: Fearful Symmetry lives again! YES, it's true! (x-posted to last FS inquiry)

AlidaJune 03, 2020 11:29PM

Re: Fearful Symmetry lives again! YES, it's true! (x-posted to last FS inquiry)

Abbie C.June 05, 2020 07:55PM


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