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Wanted: peer reviewer

November 24, 2019 06:32PM
I'm looking for a new peer reviewer. Nikita has been keeping me in line since Northanger Federated but this is an unpaid gig, and real life doesn't stop or even slow down.

So I'm looking for someone else to evaluate and correct my work from the typographical and grammatical side as well as identify any plot holes, thematic lapses, choppy text, etc. I try my best to get the story into shape but at a certain point, I need another brain and another pair of eyes because I'm worried about polishing off the shine.

I write in Google Docs and share a copy of the story with editing and commenting turned on so feel free to mark it up.

I've got one short piece (5k words) ready for review that I want to post before Xmas to see if anyone wants to try it out. Consider it an amuse bouche for some longer works I am slowly making my way through.

Any takers?

Wanted: peer reviewer

NN SNovember 24, 2019 06:32PM

Re: Wanted: peer reviewer

KarenteaDecember 03, 2019 12:29AM

Re: Wanted: peer reviewer

NN SDecember 03, 2019 11:31AM

Re: Wanted: peer reviewer

ColleenFebruary 04, 2020 07:59PM

Re: Wanted: peer reviewer

NN SFebruary 06, 2020 06:36PM


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